Back to Work

Back to work

Next week is back to work for me. Having a 6 week holiday is fantastic although it means that I slip very easily into a different life. It has felt like a good fit and although I love my job, I feel a bit reluctant to go back to rushing around, juggling balls and spinning plates. I like being at home and I like being a wife and I like being submissive for more of my day. I have got used to playing a role that is more focussed on HL and on some of the things that I enjoy but don’t get much time for. However, I am sure that I will slip back all too easily into doing both again, and overall I feel rested, happy and pretty positive about it. Not sure if the outfit will cut it though!

Sinful Sunday
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  1. Suweeet! … I always loved the tailored look with everything sexy and fancy hidden underneath … (as did Frank :>))
    Sorry it’s back to work time, Missy … but good that you can go back feeling positive about it all … nj … xx

  2. Living in a country where vacation mostly consists of a long weekend, I won’t dwell on the injustice and instead admire the way your stockings wrap themselves around your legs. Beautiful.

  3. Very sexy. I love the peek of skin where your stockings end on your thighs, extremely alluring. Also your shoes are beautiful! Have a nice week back at work missy.

  4. The time has gone so quickly, sounds like you’ve had a great summer. Looking forward to catching up with you soon. Beautiful image by the way xxx

  5. This is your sexiest image so far, and that’s saying something. How delicious the sheen on the stockings, the glimpse of tender thigh flesh, the casually open jacket allowing your lace encased breast to spill out. Your shapely leg and those delicate, high heels are so very alluring.
    No wonder you’re reluctant to leave these moments behind.

  6. I am fairly sure you are going to struggle to leave the house in that outfit because HLS is going to have you otherwise occupied


  7. Hi Missy. Like many of the others, I love your outfit! Maybe you CAN incorporate a little of that into your workday, appropriately, to keep a little bit of the excitement up. Could you wear stockings with suspenders under a skirt or dress? If done well, nobody (but you) would know. Maybe with heels? If you got totally crazy, and with a skirt long enough, you could go pantiless, which is a great reminder or your submission and vulnerability to HL, and no one would be the wiser. Food for thought, if you haven’t tried something like this already.

  8. Hi Missy. Forgive me if this is duplicate post – I thought I posted it, but I didn’t see it above. Like the others, I LOVE your outfit! So hot and sexy. While I get that you have to be very careful of what you wear to work (I do, too!), have you ever considered wearing something what I would call “subtly sexy?” For example, have you ever worn stockings with suspenders to work? If your skirt or dress is long enough, no one (but you!) would know. You could also try going without panties sometime, again if your skirt is long enough, which would provide a sensory naughtiness and awareness, and probably a bit of a reminder of your submissive status.

  9. Amazing outfit and picture!! You know…if you wore that the first day back, it would solve your dilemma…as you’d likely no longer have a job! ???. Anyway, so glad to hear you’re feeling better and ready to get back at it.

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