Lucky is a state of mind

So, this is late and is not the post that I was planning to write at all.  I had planned a combined post about luck and about words to live by but it is not this post. I had sat down at my laptop and written one line of the original post when an old friend sent me a message asking if I was home. What happened next changed the direction of my day as, instead of writing the post I had planned, I chatted to my friend instead. It also changed the direction of the post I was going to write and this one is about what she said and about feeling lucky and the words that she has left me with.

I say that she is an old friend. She is not old, and actually, we have not been friends for that long in the grand scheme of things. She is, however, my oldest D/s friend and that means a lot. She was the first person (besides HL) who I was really able to speak about all of this part of my life with. I did speak to others of course but I didn’t connect in the same way and so a friendship was never formed. This friend has been with me from more or less the start and, although we are not geographically close, we have a close online friendship which has weathered the changes of our lives and of our D/s relationships. And speaking of luck, I know that I am lucky to have her.

Recently she and her partner have been dealt a very difficult set of circumstances to deal with. It is one of those situations when really, you feel despairing at life and at what it has thrown. I always think that good people deserve a break, but somehow, it never seems to work like that, and just when things are going well and you feel you can relax and breathe into the break you earned, BANG, you take another hit. It really was one of those conversations which you have with good friends where you have the catching up parts and the wise parts and the parts when you laugh and the parts when someone says something that makes you well up.

It is never easy to discuss an elephant in the room and really all you can do, is not allow there to be any elephants, so we got straight to the topic of what they are dealing with right now. And part of that led to her making the comment that she kept thinking that actually they were lucky. It was an, if it wasn’t for this, we wouldn’t know that, sort of comment. What she said stuck with me. She was emotional as she said it and I could see how much it took to say those words, and how much it meant for her to be able to see it like that, and I realised later when I thought about the post that I was going to write, that lucky is a state of mind.

Luck is not something that happens or something that doesn’t. Luck is the way you interpret what is going on. Luck is about turning a situation into something that you can manage and deal with. It is about making the most of what you have, and not letting what you don’t, or might not, take a single moment away from you. Luck is about the way that you see things, and the way that you present them to others. It is a positive, a silver lining, a way to make sense and keep faith. She put things into perspective for me today. If she could see luck in the cards that had been dealt, then there must be luck to find in every situation.

Lucky is not what you have or what you don’t. It is not who you are or who you aren’t. Lucky is a state of mind. And to even see a glimmer of luck when you are facing some of your darkest moments is really a gift that should be shared. I don’t say these are necessarily words to live by, but surely it is a thought process to live by. It is about looking for the good, for the positives and using that to make sense of some of the real challenges which come along. And I have learnt from her today. She has touched me with the words she used in a way which I don’t want to forget. I want to be lucky. I want to feel lucky. And if she can, then I can. Thank you, my friend.


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  1. I absolutely love this approach, “Luck is not something that happens or something that doesn’t. Luck is the way you interpret what is going on. Luck is about turning a situation into something that you can manage and deal with.” Thank you for writing this!

    • You are welcome. It just sort of happened as, like I said, I was all set to write something else. Must have been in the start ?

  2. Great post Missy – has made me think for sure – and that is one of the reasons we write – to get people thinking – so thank you xx

  3. As a couple who have been blessed with what we view as several ‘lucky’ turns in life, I wholeheartedly agree with the words of your friend … and so good that you are there for her and she for you! …nj … xx

    • I thought you would be able to relate. I am definitely lucky that I have been able to make such good friends online. It wasn’t something I really expected through typing in a box but I have met so many great people. x

  4. I think your friend sounds like a strong lady, it takes a lot of strength and positive thinking to see the luck in a less than ideal situation. I agree though sometimes you are still lucky even when on the surface it may not seem that way. While it may not have been the post you planned to write, I think you’ve written something great, thank you for sharing with us for #F4TFriday x

    • Thank you Floss. I was happy to switch from what I had planned and I like when life gives you a moment like that. She is a strong lady. I don’t think she would say she was but I think so and admire her for that ?

  5. This was an interesting topic. I couldn’t help but think of the example of whether you see a glass half empty or a glass half full. Sam and I were discussing a life problem last night. There isn’t much we can do about it, but it helps to be able to face it together. He patted his knee for me to come and sit on his lap. Sometimes all that matters is how lucky we are to have each other.


    • Yes I agree. Knowing that you face something together helps for me too. I think it is hard when a situation seems bigger than you both but breaking it down can help too. Good luck with your problem ?

  6. That’s such a positive way to look at life. There do seem to be some people who are hit with wave after wave and still they appear like a ray of sunshine. I hope your friend gets the breaks she deserves.

  7. Sometimes a ‘simple’ conversation can teach us something about life. Friends are the best, because they confide in us, we can confide in them and we learn from them. Thanks for sharing something so positive as this!

    Rebel xox

    • Thank you Marie. I love when something more important comes from a conversation and you are right about friends ?

  8. This is so true, Missy! It reminds me of the old adage “count your blessings”. Some make life so much about what happens to them. Others make life about their response to the things that happen. I prefer to be the latter…and that is all about choosing a state of mind.

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