The Forgotten Instruction - picture of Missy from Focused and Filthy on the table with legs arranged in a heart shape

The forgotten instruction

I apologised when I realised that I hadn’t sent the required picture of my underwear choice for the day. I had been busy and, in a rush to get ready for work had forgotten his instruction. It was only during the lunchtime check-in text that I remembered that I had neglected to sent my photo to The General.

He had said simply, “Don’t worry about that now. Tell me what has been happening for you this morning.”

And so I continued with my day and thought very little more of it, until I got home that is. I knew well enough by now that The General was a stickler for rules and this new rule had only been added as part of my return to work routine. The purpose had been made clear, as well as the benefits to both of us, so I was pretty certain that there would be some further discussion. At least I had apologised as soon as I had realised, so that had to be in my favour.  I showered and got ready.

Part of his new regime also dictated that I was to wear knickers only when in the house. These would be removed at The General’s request of course, usually at some point during the evening, but initially I was to wear them. I hadn’t been sure about this at first, but I soon saw how clever it was. Being so close to naked meant that I felt vulnerable enough, but he also retained this one power over me, and when the panties were finally removed by him, things definitely went up a notch and left me feeling completely exposed and at his mercy.

I had prepared the dinner and we shared conversation about how our respective days had gone. I loved these moments when we swapped details and occurrences from the time we had spent apart, and he was interested to hear how I was finding my new role. We laughed at something that had happened with one of his colleagues, and I described my first impressions of my new workmates.  It still felt strange to have this sort of double life, but here, at home, I felt safe in the bubble that he created for us. It was our own little world and I felt so lucky to be able to have both this, and my life outside of it.

I had almost forgotten about my transgression when he brought it up.

“I think someone owes me a pretty picture of themselves in their underwear, don’t they?”

“Yes Sir,” I said sheepishly. “I am so sorry about forgetting this morning, it was just with the new job and …”

He cut me off.

“Up on the writing desk now, please. I will enjoy looking at you this evening, during my meeting, as I was not able to do so during my work day.”

Shit. I had forgotten about his meeting too. This was going to be so embarrassing and I felt suddenly very regretful.

He had me lie back flat on the table with my feet on the edge. He asked me to pull my knickers aside and he inserted a butt plug which he said would remind me what was his, and would also open me up for later. He then told me to allow my legs to drop and arrange them in a heart shape. It was a challenge to keep them like that but he said that he hoped the symbolism would help me to remember that I loved to do what he asked of me, and that he loved to enjoy the sight of his pretty girl while he was at work.

I lay there as still as I could, hoping it was good enough, when the doorbell rang and he went to answer it. The General was nothing if not thorough and, already, my punishment was enough that I knew that I would not be forgetting to send his picture again in a hurry.

“This way gentlemen. And don’t mind missy.  Usually she would send me an erotic picture like this to enjoy alone, but I do find that there is such beauty in the execution of the real thing, so please enjoy the view as you pass.”


Thank you to Missy from Focused and Filthy for the use of her image. Please have a look at the other pieces inspired by her picture by clicking on the button below.

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  1. I love this story. To be put on display like that is so erotic! Whether you are the looker or the lookee!! Pardon my invention of the word lookee. Love the picture that accompanies it too! You look marvellous!!

    • Thank you Michael. Unfortunately the picture is not me. It is of Missy from Focused and Filthy who provided the Masturbation Monday prompt image so I cannot take credit for that one. It is a brilliant picture though and was my inspiration 🙂

  2. He certainly is a clever man, your General … and he knows exactly what a forgetful girl needs so she doesn’t forget again :>) … nj … xx

  3. Loved this, the facts woven into the fiction made it really hang together. Sexy little tale depicting D/s challenges.

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