The Innocent Selfie

HL is a fan of the selfie. In fact, it is one of the ways that he uses to remind me of his ownership of me.

Sunday: I will require you to send me a picture of you in your underwear each morning this week.

A simple enough instruction on the face of it, but it has changed the choices I would have made actually.  Today was easy black, but the other two days I have made selection which I might not have otherwise, and that is probably a good thing. It has focussed my mind more on what he would like to see me in. Taking the picture was good for me as it made me stop and think about what he likes and that was a positive start to the day. Then, as the day wore on, each time I became aware of what I was wearing, it was like a reminder. So I have to admit that the selfie has its place for us.

Over the years, I have sent many selfies. He likes them. They have mostly been bums but other things too. It is a way of feeling closer and feeling connected when you are apart, I think. That has been how we have used it at least. Having said that, I am not good at taking selfies. I work with young people and they know every pose and every angle. If being pictured with them, I will invariably be ask you to move one way or the other so that their ‘good side’ is captured?  Do I have a good side?  I certainly don’t know if I do. Perhaps that is what I have been missing all this time!

Then there is the risque selfie. Now at work, I highlight the perils of putting yourself out there. I do agree with my own advice, but I don’t heed it of course, and that, is more than a little uncomfortable for me. I don’t like being a hypocrite, but selfies are my downfall here. What I do hope is that they will not be my undoing, as so much good can come from them. The selfie represents my unfiltered side, well possibly a little filtered and edited, but essentially it is a product of the other part of me. The carefree, do what you feel in the moment side of me, which has to be tempered and hidden from view so much of the time.

All in all, I think selfies have their place and for me, being able to send them to HL and receive feedback has been positive for both of us. Would I want to post them on Instagram? No I wouldn’t but I don’t see what is wrong with an innocent picture amongst friends. Except of course the whole world wide web, cyberspace thieves with their revenge porn and unprofessional conduct decrees. But what I hope is that when you are pretty small and insignificant and not very far away from your 50th Birthday, no one really wants or cares to see what you are posting anyway! Fingers crossed at least.


F4TFriday #108 – Selfies.

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  1. I’m glad you feel that way about my request this week. I think we will extend that for another week! As for approaching 50, in your case it really is only as number. X

  2. I certainly like to see your images!! They reflect a beautiful woman. And as His Lordship says, (paraphrased version) you don’t look like you’re anywhere near 50!

  3. Every side is your good side missy, I’m glad you’ve let us have a sneaky peek at your selfies. Lovely bottom.

    It’s nice to have something to remind us of our partner whenever we’re not physically together.

  4. I can definitely see why His Lordship is a fan of selfies 🙂 As for age, I do agree with everyone else that it’s just a number BUT at the same time I recall the major crisis I had when I turned 30, age did not feel like just a number then. However, 5 years on and visiting the blogs of awesome women who are anything from 5 years to maybe 30 years older than me I am definitely inspired to worry less about growing older. I think you look fabulous and I very much hope my selfies at (approaching) 50 are as gorgeous as yours are xxx

    • Thank you Floss. I didn’t mind 30 but saw a difference at 40 and again at 50. It’s all relative though as you say ?

  5. What delightful selfies – HL is indeed a lucky man finding them in his inbox each day. And age – well I wish we could go backwards but you look fabulous and I think what we do with our blogs often makes us keep a check on how will look – and that is not a bad thing xx

  6. Love the composition of your title pic, Missy! … I understand your reticence and therefore admire your bravery in sharing your selfies here. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of having my picture taken, much less a self inflicted picture :>)) You are right … there is a knack to it, one I haven’t quite figured out :>) … nj … xx

  7. Pfft to the approaching 50 comment. Ignore the numbers, they only make you feel shitty in my opinion. You are a very beautiful and sexy woman


    • Aww thank you Molly. I don’t mind the numbers in the sense of getting there, more that I feel a little shocked that is where I am. It helps me to put into perspective too as I don’t think I would spring to mind if you thought of the stereotype of a 50 year old body. Still only 49 for the moment anyway so must hold onto that lol. ?

  8. Hopefully, someday you’ll be as free as you want to be to be yourself and share whatever selfies you want. In the meantime, I love (and agree with) how the instructions of having to take them make you feel and alter your mindset for the day.

    • Thank you. I guess it’s a small price to pay and I am ok with what I am able to share at the moment really ?

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