In a Lather

In a Lather

In a Lather

Sinful Sunday

“Up on the edge of the bath now and spread your legs. I want to look at you.”

I feel awkward but I do as he says. Something trills inside me a little and my eyes lower, not as as a conscious act of submission but more as a natural response to my vulnerability. I feel his eyes on me and my body starts to respond, prickling slightly under the skin. 

“I want you really soft and bare tonight.”

He tilts my chin up so that I am looking at him as he says it. He presses his thumb into my bottom lip then lets it trail right down my body, thumb nail scratching slightly until he finally rests the pad against my clit and presses again, as he did with my lip.

“Keep looking at me.”

I can feel the pressure from his thumb continue and then with the thumb and finger from his other hand, he pulls my lips apart and pushes one finger inside me.

“Already so wet.  Dirty girl.

 I am going to use you really well tonight. You need that don’t you?”

“Yes Sir.”

I struggle to keep eye contact with him as I answer and inside I am starting to twitch and flutter. I try not to move but can’t suppress the clench of my muscles in response to what is happening, and I hear him laugh. 

“I thought so.  Good girl.”

He moves his hands away but the ache for them is still there. Next he reaches behind him and, with a smile, presents a razor, shaving brush and soap. He begins to cover me with the thick foam and I throw my head back as he works it in. I am conscious of the cold enamel of the bath beneath each of my hands, which are all that seems to be grounding me. I feel shy and lost and excited at the same time and all the nerve endings in my body seem to connect and channel a path together, as if the whole world suddenly leads to my sex. 

“Very pretty!”

He sits back a bit and leaning over the edge of the bath he produces his camera and takes some pictures.

I ache so much I am sure I must appear swollen and although I long to be touched, the feeling of the cold metal when it finally makes contact with my skin, is excruciatingly gentle. It kisses and tickles where I need it to scrape and slice. The slight pinch of his fingers as he pulls each lip to one side is mere temporary reprieve, and the ache is back. Stronger, deeper, more intense, and I am helpless to stop my clit from throbbing, noticeably, under his watchful gaze. 

His face is serious and focussed as he works, and the muscles in his arms move under his skin. The strength and power of his body is clear and seems incongruous when contrasted with the gentle way he touches me. Everything that makes him male seems more obvious in that moment and I feel small and in awe of him. As he rinses off the soap I am overwhelmed with the desire to touch him and beg him just to take me now. I want him to fill me and stretch me and break me apart. But I don’t say a thing. I let him wash the unspoken thought into the water along with the foam, for the moment is his. 

He lowers his head and suddenly his mouth is there, so close I can feel his breath on the still damp and newly exposed skin. A flash of heat then, as he traces my skin with his tongue for a moment. 

“Hmmm. Perfect.”

The sound of his voice seems to fuel my need and as he plants a kiss on my clit it overwhelms me and I push into his face, seeking some respite. 

“Naughty girl. You know you don’t get to decide what you need or when.”

With that, he sits back in the bath a little, and he looks at me while he strokes his cock.   

“Don’t worry. I will fill you up soon enough. 

Now turn around so I can prepare your naughty bottom, as I plan to use you there too.”

I am glad to be able to face the tiles as my cheeks burn red. I push my bottom out as he directs and then he has me reach around and pull my cheeks apart. I hear him laugh as he sees my hole twitch and I feel him blow on it, as if to put out the heat which he knows has started there now too. 

“God you’re a sexy dirty bitch for wanting me in your arse so much.”

And the lathering starts again as he works his brush around my hole, preparing me.


Masturbation Monday

I have also included this post as part of the Kink of the Week topic of humiliation as these sort of intimate inspections and preparations form part of our dynamic and tap into my love of humiliation. 

More and more I think that there is a bit of humiliation at the heart of each power exchange dynamic in some form or other. Isn’t that what many people dislike about what we do? Surely it goes against the ideas of equality that we hold so dear in modern life? To feel less or lower is something that most would find negative, however, if it’s your kink, then this is not the case. Within an agreed power exchange, it can be erotic to feel less, whether this is a small part of a scene or a lifestyle choice. The reason for this is that you know that really you are not less. Really you are in a relationship where you are valued and respected, and so while your vulnerabilities and differences may be exposed and played upon, this is not done in a cruel way and, therefore, it does not have a negative effect.  

I wrote More About Erotic Humiliation recently and didn’t want to go back over the same things but if you want to know more about erotic humiliation and the part or plays for us, then that post has more about it, including some links.

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  1. ohhhh yeahhh! … a little humiliation goes a long way with every … thing … every … time. And what is it about a man and a bladed razor that is so masculinely erotic … even when it’s his face he’s shaving … nj … xx

    • Thank you. I wasn’t sure about the picture at first but when I thought about it I decided to write it up and post it and just see ?

  2. Yes I completely agree about it not being cruel but playing with your vulnerabilities and as a result i think it is a hugely personal thing because the things that tick those boxes for us can be very different….. although the scene you describe above totally works for me


    • I think you are so right about it being hugely personal Molly. As a result it can be easy to get it wrong. But I also think that is why it can be so effective when it goes rights as it is as if someone is inside your head and pressing your buttons ?

  3. Oh my! I have daydreamed of experiencing a situation similar to this. Thank you for sharing!

    • I think maybe my humiliation is gentle. It feels humiliating but I don’t want to be called names and degraded etc. ?

  4. Your pictures combined with the narrative – Unff! So very sexy, especially how long drawn out the act of shaving was.
    This fits all the prompts so well, clever missy!

  5. Oh my, the image is fucking stunning, and the words to go with it… Incredible post, loved it x x

  6. While we don’t play with shaving (I’m a long-time waxer, lol), he does know exactly what to do and what to say to add an edge of humiliation to what we do. It makes me squirm and turn red, but it also turns me on completely. It’s such a wonderful and still difficult moment to have.

    • I totally agree. Sometimes I just want to bottle it but it is always. One out of that particular moment I think ?

  7. I love when he shaves me, when he’s done he slips me into one of my brightly colored lace thongs. he says it’s like the frame around a fine work of art !!

    • ever since he asked for me to give him my shaved pussy for a B-day present, he’s always shaved me. it’s like extended foreplay for me. anytime he mentions it, I start to get wet, and the “build up” starts

      • That’s really nice. It’s great to have those routines and things that you always do for one another ?

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