Electrical Connection

Electrical Connection

It has been a while. I am not sure how long a while is or why it has been so long. One thing or another really I suppose. Health and tiredness and life. We have planned to spend time together but somehow it hasn’t happened and so we find ourselves, drifting a little, in this place where it has been too long. As happens during these times, the support is there emotionally and so the closeness remain, but the spark, not being fed, has waned to a little glow rather than a bright light. We have to strain to see it and try really hard to feel its warmth. And that is how it is sometimes. That is life I think, for others and not just for us. We need to reignite the electrical connection.

What is important is that this doesn’t continue and tonight we stick to the plan. Electroplay. Sounds good for a connection! There is a strange atmosphere. No build up. I think that has happened because of all the build ups which have begun and then fizzled out. This does not fizzle out. But neither is it a build up. It is more of a statement of intent, but that works. I think we are going to start when he changes direction. We touch and it feels good. It feels like warmth and like home and I wonder why we didn’t do this last night and the night before. There is a sense of the familiar, mixed with the sense of discovering something you had forgotten. Well not forgotten but possibly pushed to the side.

He says that I can suck him. He says he thought I might enjoy the comfort of it and I smile inside because really it is because he wants it, but also it is true. It feels easy. It feels right. It feels like we should always be like this and not let other things get in our way. It feels like the pain and the exhaustion and the stress of the last week or so is melting away and slowly slipping out of me, and out of us. I feel like we are coming together again, becoming one again, becoming us again. And I lie there, my face pressed into his hair as I swallow him in and I breathe deeply taking in the scent of him.

After a while he pulls back and he tells me to roll over and lie on my front. He asks me to part my legs wider and he starts to touch me again. He comments on my wetness and I remind him that it has been a while. He laughs and says he thinks getting an orgasm from me will be easy and I agree that it probably will. I am pretty sure that if he kept on touching me it would come, but I don’t say that and I relax, instead, into the attention he is paying me. I feel him stretch to fix the pads on, one to each cheek and I wait for the sensation. After a little while I feel the familiar fizz under my skin and I breathe out slowly.

He stays so close to me and he talks to me as he increases the power. The electricity sparks through me and he notes the responses from my body. I take more and more for him and he switches on the wand underneath me. He laughs at me pushing into it, trying to get what I need. He holds me where he wants me for as long as he does, channelling the charge into me. We are connected by the electricity which flows between us but it is much more than that. It is a connection on a deeper level. It is emotional and physical, sexual and spiritual, as everything we are becomes one with just this one act. It encapsulates us and what we have somehow and we both go with it, enjoying it, working it, becoming it.

When we come it is a complete release. It is overwhelming but expected. It is the force of all that we feel and all that we have bottled up. It is endings and beginnings and we drift and luxuriate in it a while, squeezing out every last drop of what we feel for each other. We lie motionless for a time and then one of us says something funny and the other laughs. Ready to sleep I push myself back into his body and he wraps his arms around me, like we always do. This is the moment. This is what we are. This is the electrical connection that holds us where we are meant to be and brings everything else in the world back into its rightful place.

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  1. This is such a lovely post! I also love that connection, you really start to miss that when it’s been a while. I am terrified of electrical play myself, though, but reading you describe it makes it sound very sexy.

  2. What a way to reconnect. Life seems to get in the way of things a lot anymore. I’m glad you were able to find that time to come together. I certainly enjoyed reading it

  3. I believe that is what sex is really for…it’s the way we come together after being apart, the way to reconnect emotionally, spiritually, and physically as often as possible. The longer we stray, the more powerful the reconnect is.

  4. This is so beautifully written and so familiar to me. JB and I could use a bit of connection like this…but THIS is my favorite line because I recognize it so well: “As happens during these times, the support is there emotionally and so the closeness remain, but the spark, not being fed, has waned to a little glow rather than a bright light. We have to strain to see it and try really hard to feel its warmth.”

    • Thanks Kayla. I think these things are pretty typical in a relationship although when you move in the circles we do, it is easy to think that everyone else is doing it all, all of the time. And I suppose when it feels easy, it can mean that you let it roll that way for a bit. ?

  5. I love the way you’ve used words to blend the stimulating electricity of the moment with the electrical connection that binds you together … sounds like just the reset you needed … nj … xx

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