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Laughter is good for you. It is an integral part of social communication and the way that human bonding happens most easily. When people are asked what makes them laugh they will think of jokes and comedians and funny events but actually we laugh most when we are in the company of others. Not because something is inherently funny but because it is part of the connection we make with others. How many times have you tried to recount something funny that you laughed uncontrollably about with someone else, only for it to fall flat in a different context?

It has also been evidenced that when asked to discuss something about their partner that annoyed them, couples who used laughter and smiling not only felt better immediately but also reported higher levels of satisfaction in their relationship, and stayed together for longer. This shows us that laughter is an emotion that we can use with the people we are close to on an emotional level, as well as using it to make ourselves feel better. Studies around the value of laughter outline benefits in terms of physical health, mental health and social health – more detail can be found in this Help Guide article, Laughter is the Best Medicine.

As a couple we laugh together quite a bit. I have written before about Laughter and Orgasms and explain in that post that I tend to laugh at circumstantial things, rather than at jokes where I know what is coming. Actually my sense of humour differs to HL’s but that doesn’t really seem to matter. We enjoy being around each other and laugh a lot about different things. One of the things that has always intrigued me is the uncontrollable laughter. A fit of the giggles that you can’t suppress, a hysterical outburst that you just can’t explain. That is the orgasmic laughter I have experienced.

The first time it happened we had been playing for quite a while. HL was forcing orgasms from me and I really felt that I had nothing more to give. He was using the wand and kept going and going, only allowing a little time with a reduced level of vibration, and then ramping it up again. What I experience during this time is a sensory overload. As he pushes me further and further, I feel like I can’t cope and I sort of desensitise myself a little. By doing this I am able to lie there with the wand on my clit and not wriggle away. It is painful, but pleasurable as well.

After a short time, my body kicks back in and something shifts deep inside me. I feel the orgasm build up and am back with him again. This continues as he keeps playing in this way and each time I am pushed further and further from myself in order to cope with the intensity of the wand. I am not sure how long we had been playing like this on that first occasion, but it must have been well over an hour. I was so far past anything I ever thought I would be able to take and I had even given up begging him to stop and trying to fight. I was in a floaty space where I was completely under his control.

Suddenly I began to laugh. It came from nowhere and seemed to overwhelm me. It was uncontrollable and it wasn’t that I thought anything was funny. It seemed to rise up from inside and engulf me and I was powerless to stop it. Even when he took the wand away and turned it off, I continued to laugh hysterically. It felt similar to an orgasm in the way it seemed to take me over and come in waves, twitching out of me in bursts and spasms, only to slow and then take me over again. As I lay in his arms during aftercare, I continued to giggle in small fits as I floated away in a quite delicious, if a little confusing way.

This has happened a couple of times during forced orgasms scenes since. It feels such a happy and positive space that it is a real connector for both of us. I know that some will cry cathartic tears which they find is heeling for them, but for us, things manifest in laughter rather than tears. This suits us and perhaps it is because it comes from the extreme pleasure of relentless sensation rather than the pleasure pain of impact. I am not sure why it happens and don’t feel that really matters. D/s is my happy place and I embrace it with a laughter that takes me higher.


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  1. You’ve given me a good reminder of a time long ago where a similar thing happened my first time with the wand ?

    You made me grin throughout your blog

    Swirly ??

  2. Wow! … that sounds like a pretty amazing orgasmic experience, Missy … we too laugh together a lot (and that comes out in many of my posts). If you were to meet Frank you wouldn’t think he’s a funny guy but he always manages to make me laugh about something every day … it makes for a special bond indeed … nj … xx

    • I have had this too- after a delicious play I will start giggling and not be able to stop. I love that the experience has created such feelings that I need to giggle to let it out… to express the joy.

      • Yes it feels quite strange to me as I don’t know where it has come from but really don’t care. I think it comes from complete abandon for me ?

  3. I’ve also written about laughter and was thinking about doing another post on it. My Queen and I somehow find ourselves laughing together every day! It enriches our relationship and strengthens it too!

  4. I love how you describe the fit of laughter as something similar to an orgasm, as it does seem like it’s a release for your body. Floaty giggles… I love this too! I am one of those who starts to cry.

    Rebel xox

    • That hasn’t happened to me very often and I think only when I have been overwhelmed beforehand but I know it happens for many that way ?

  5. Me and my man are so often in fits of laughter at different points of our sexual activity – it is our thing really ;-)x

    • I think it’s a great thing. Not sure how you would do it without a sense of humour at points! ?

  6. I have had similar laughing experiences with impact play where when it gets really intense I find myself laughing whilst also saying… This is not funny…which makes him laugh and so it goes round


    • I can just hear you saying that and it would make it much funnier. I know what you mean about saying things though as it’s a complete loss of control ?

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