Wicked Wednesday prompt #364: Ritual
What rituals do you have, and how have they changed you? Transformed you? Or are there rituals you feel nothing for, like marriage or baptising a child? Or maybe there are rituals that intrigue you, that are mysterious and ‘out of this world’. Share your thoughts and stories on rituals, or link your stories even if you don’t follow the prompt!

* * * * * * *

I fasten my collar around my neck and, with my finger, trace the outline of the circle that binds us.

I make the coffee, and pour the juice, yours first, and then mine.

I walk to your left, falling behind where the track becomes narrow as we walk the dog.

I wait by the car for you to open the door; you shut it behind me once I am in.

I kiss you before I leave and again upon my return.

At lunch I send you a message, telling you something about my day, or asking you something about yours.

When I come home I wait, not obviously to anyone but you, for instruction as to what comes next.

We continue the evening together, and when the meal is served, I don’t eat until after you have begun.

I run the bath and get into bed. I turn the duvet down at one side and I wait for you.

* * * * * * *

Ritual is important to our relationship. Rituals help to set and maintain the power exchange which runs throughout marriage. For us, rituals go hand in hand with rules. There are things we do every day, which are included above, and things which we do in certain situations, such as HL ordering for me in a restaurant, and never wearing underwear when out with him in the evening. The posts Rules and Rituals and Following the rules in a submissive marriage explain more about what we do and how it works for us.

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    • Thanks nj. I think I left some out but they become so much part of what you do that some of them don’t stick out any more ?

  1. Great post!! I have to tell you that a woman going without panties while wearing a dress is one huge turn on for me!! But I am in no position to demand it…???

  2. It’s very sweet to read the small things you do, even though I know most of them. They are lovely reminders of how strong a bond can be.

  3. You actually made me realize we have more rituals than I thought, such as a kiss when I leave and get home, him opening doors for me, putting my night collar on, and me always walking to his left 🙂

    Rebel xox

    • I think ours are all simple things but they have value to us. I felt there must be more but I think those are the regular ones. ?

  4. I love this, it really goes to show that the small things carry a lot of power, and it’s worth remembering them all when they have become such an integral part of life, really precious x

  5. Rituals are the backbone of maintaining a submissive mindset. So important! Beautifully written Missy!

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