Z is for Zone - woman with ram horns

In the Zone – April’s Submissive Training Journal

Z is for Zone
While I was really excited for the party we knew was going to take place, there was still some learning to be done. The lesson for this final session was on being able to be in the zone, or in other words, being able to access the sort of submissive headspace I had been able to do here. I do understand it is easy here where the focus is on activities one after another which push your boundaries and trigger that sort of headspace, but we spoke a lot about what we had learnt about the ways that happened for each of us.

I know that being Dominated makes me respond submissively. This has always been the case and that is one reason why I applied to take part in the programme. Having to give up control of things I would usually keep private, my thoughts, my body etc is another big area for me.  Being exposed is also a real trigger and certain forms of erotic humiliation fall into that as well. We chatted for a long time about triggers for submissive headspace and it was really helpful to be able to explore those.  Because we have been in this group for so long, we have a fairly good idea of what sort of things the others respond well too, so it was good to share that.

The teachers have also been observing from the beginning and we each received an evaluation. This was great as it didn’t just include an account of how we had done during the course but was also an analysis of the key areas they saw as being central for our submission, and it outlined the ones they recommended for growth or focal points.  This is so helpful and, although any Dominant I am with will have their own ideas about training and so on, to have an understanding myself of the sort of things that work will mean I am more likely to be able to find something that is right for me, and communicate that well to someone else.

After class, we had time to get ready for the party. I noticed that my clothes had been returned to my room but, as we were still on the course, clothing was not required, except what was part of the costume. I had a garland to go with the ram horns I had found so, as April the Aries, I headed off to the party. It was amazing. The main hall had been decorated to fit with the theme and there was equipment set up for those who wanted to play. The teachers were all there, but they had also invited other friends along so that there were new people to meet and chat to.

I loved being able to spend time with my friends and know that, although I am going to miss them, there is no way that I won’t be keeping in touch. This whole experience has changed me for the better and it all feels a little surreal at the moment. At the party I also got chatting to a friend of Dragon’s who said that he was interested in meeting up again. He is a Dominant, of course, and his name is Phoenix. He is absolutely gorgeous, strong and commanding, and in terms of submissive triggers, I can easily say that he is one of mine. So watch this space …..

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The post, Going Deeper is about the way my own submissive space works.

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  1. Congrats missy, fabulous mini series. Have a writing rest, like a day or two, you’ve earned it ☺. Although I imagine there is plenty of things you have to post about.

    • Thank you so much Julie and for following my posts. It has been quite the challenge although I am pleased now that I took part 🙂

  2. Fantastic missy, you should be so proud of yourself. Not only that you have made it all the way to z. You have written an amazing, insightful and enjoyable mini series that has left us wanting more! X

  3. Congrats on a spectacular run of posts, Missy! … I’m sorry to see it end, although I am sure you are relieved to have made it to the finish line. Take a bow! … nj … xx

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