Y is for Yoni Balls - set of three rose quartz yoni balls

Yoni Balls – April’s Submissive Training Journal

Y is for Yoni Balls
I can’t believe I am nearly at the end of this journey. I feel I have learnt so much, and yet, there is still so much out there for me to take on.  Today was about all things Y but the best part was the yoni balls. We were each given a set, and having tried them, and I decided to go with the larger egg. I wore it for the remainder of the lesson and then, after lunch, we were told we were going out!

I hadn’t left the school much since arriving, but today our task was to find something for a costume for tomorrow as we are going to celebrate reaching the end of the alphabet and the end of the course, with a Zodiac party.  And we were to wear the balls out, or rather, keep them in!  Being with May made the whole thing much more entertaining as we wove our way around the shopping centre looking for bits and bobs we could use, whilst also moving carefully so as not to let our secret slip.

I can really see how these things tone your muscles as I was clinging on to mine for dear life at points. The other thing they did was to give me a sense of submission while I was out amongst the general public. I imagined the reaction of some of them guessed my secret and we teased each other about them falling out and us being discovered. All of this made me feel wetter which then made it even more difficult to hold onto the ball! Knowing about our secret had me in a state of arousal for most of the day.

Wearing an egg, like wearing a plug, meant that the fact my body was not quite my own was at the forefront of my mind and focus, and was thrilling as well as feeling a little bit naughty. Wearing a skirt and no underwear added to this, but thankfully I managed to avoid dropping the ball during the trip, and was able to buy a nice set of ram horns for tomorrow whilst also avoiding any mishaps! As I write this entry, I am feeling a bit sad that tomorrow will be my last day here, but also excited that my journey is not over yet.

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  1. You’ve really done a great job keeping this story going throughout the challenge.

    One more day…!!!

    I’m curious to see how this zodiac party turns out. (Or who turns out for it.) 😉

    • Thanks Mrs F. I have found it a challenge for sure but glad to have managed to finish. It has means that I have fallen behind with reading which is a pity so I am looking forward to getting back into my usual routine. Thank you for the support; I have enjoyed your entries too. ?

  2. I know how difficult it would be to walk around with the yoni balls in place—especially without the safety net of panties!! I bought a set for my Queen some time ago. lol

    • Thank you and you are so right! Time for a rest and to get back to normal. Yay for us for completing 🙂

  3. … another lesson learned here, as well, Missy :>) … we’ve tried regular ben wa’s … does nada for me … this has me curious and researching :>)) … nj … xx

    • I haven’t been much into them when I have tried either. I think it would need to be the right setting so that I had the mental aspect rather than just the physical. ?

  4. ‘thankfully I managed to avoid dropping the ball during the trip, and was able to buy a nice set of ram horns for tomorrow whilst also avoiding any mishaps!’

    Such a good sentence!

    • Thank you. It was a while ago I wrote it now and had forgotten until I read your comment. It sounds funny put like that ?

  5. This is fun and an inventive way to meet Mrs Fever’s challenge. I have tried the weighted balls, and even on the light one I have ‘failed’ my mission so must keep practising.
    I am doing a post on diary/journal entries, so I hop you don’t mind me linking it.

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