T is for Tens Tutorial

A Tens Tutorial – April’s Submissive Training Journal

T is for Tens Tutorial
I was pretty scared of the thought of electricity before today’s lesson. I think the image of a submissive in a dungeon, restrained, with electrodes attached to their nipples somehow found its way into my mind and was fuelling my fear. What we learnt today was that, while this is possible for those who want to try it, electricity can be used in much more erotic ways. While there are a few different forms of electroplay, the one that we focussed on was the tens type.

We learnt that electro sex toys can be used to transmit an electrical signal that can stimulate certain areas of your body, a bit like the stimulation used for muscular pain relief. Applied to the intimate areas of your body, this can be highly arousing. The power is increased gradually and they can range from creating a mild tingling sensation to making your muscles clench and twitch. The more I heard, the more appealing it sounded, which was fortunate as we were going to get to try it out.

I was working with Master C this time and he asked me to lie face down on the bench, making sure that I was comfortable before he began. I was feeling pretty tense as he placed the pads, one on each bum cheek, and switched them on. Although I was prepared for the shock, initially I couldn’t feel anything. Sure enough, after a while, my skin began to tingle in a quite delicious way. It felt like a little buzz somewhere under the skin, as if i was being touched by millions of tiny little fingers.

I felt my skin jump slightly as it went up a notch, and then I adjusted and relaxed into the sensation again. I loved the way that it made me feel, as if my bum was alive with all the tiny sparking feelings. Master C asked if I would take a little more for him, and I agreed willingly. This time, it was much stronger and it took me longer to let me muscles relax back down. My body started to feel heavy and almost as if it wasn’t part of me as everything became about the sensation I could feel.

The next time I felt it go up a level, my cheeks tensed and twitched and I pushed myself into the bench, which only seemed to heighten the arousal I felt, and transfer the feelings throughout me. I felt as if I was spread open now that the intensity was higher and that made me feel even more desperate than I had before.
“Hold still,” I heard Master C say as a cold trickle of what I thought was lube dripped over me, running down the crack of my bum. “I think you will enjoy this, but I need you bear down a little to take it.”
I felt something press on my opening and then, with a pop, it seemed to be inside me.

The intensity of the pads remained the same for a while but deep inside, I felt the anal dildo begin to bubble and fizz. It was not like I would have imagined and felt more like interference, as if I were being tickled or massaged inside. It certainly added to the feelings and when Master C turned the pads up again, I felt my whole body jump with the force. It took a little while until I was used to it, and although I knew I lay still, I felt as if I was alive with the moment from inside me. He continued to increase the volume and I felt overwhelmed as I struggled to contain the twitching and pulsing of my muscles.

I was no longer in control in any way of any part of myself and felt alive with the heat and the pulse from inside me. My body was no longer my own and I didn’t care at all, I just wanted more and more of the way I felt. I am not sure how long I lasted like this or how far he took the little dial but I was lost to everything but what I was feeling in the here and now. I could feel my orgasm building and whether or not I had permission to come, there was no way I was able to stop it. It built up and up and exploded through me, leaving me limp and exhausted inside the noise of the stimulation to my bod, as I drifted away.

* * * * * * *

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The featured image is of the ElectraStim Flick Duo EM80-M Stimulation Multi-Pack which is what we have.



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  2. I’ve never really gotten to try electrostim so I’m still so on the fence about it, but the way you describe it continues to make me more curious than nervous.

    • I think it is worth trying. I definitely like it this way with the pads on my bum cheeks and the levels are really easy to control. ?

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