Submissive Positions – April’s Submissive Training Journal

P is for Positions
It was explained to us today the value of being able to assume a particular position from a single command. Obviously some of us may ultimately want to end up in a long term D/s relationship, but we may also wish to have relationships which are based around play with different Dominants. Clearly the key aim is to please and to show willing, to make it easier all round, so today we learnt about submissive positions. Obviously there will be slight variations to suit, but the way it was explained, if you know the basics, then your own Dom can tweak the style to suit their own particular preference.

I was pretty surprised at the number of different positions, especially the slave positions which seemed like they would take a lifetime to grasp. We have been asked to learn some of the key ones while we are here. From now on, the instructors will use these positions and apparently there may be a test! I have copied the positions I have been asked to learn below, as I thought it would be useful to have a note in my journal. I plan to practice them each night, although I am sure I will also get some practice during the day.

9 Positions of Submission

  1. SIT
    Sit on the floor with legs crossed and back straight. Eyes should be cast down.
  2. KNEEL
    Kneel with legs together. Hands should be crossed behind you, back straight, chest out and eyes down.
  3. DOWN
    Lie flat on the floor, face down. Legs should be spread wide with hands behind the back.
  4. BEND
    Stand with legs spread wide apart. Knees should be locked and hands should be on knees or ankles.
  5. FOURS
    Doggie style with elbows locked and knees together. Head should be up.
  6. ARSE
    Doggie style, with cheek to the floor. Knees should be wide apart and palms should be flat to the surface and out in front.
  7. WAIT
    Kneel up on wide knees, hands crossed behind with head up and breasts out.
    Lie on back with head straight, arms above the head, palms facing up and legs spread wide.
    Stand with legs open wide, hands behind neck, chest out and eyes on Dominant.


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  1. I too love the pic/photo … and April’s continuing journey … I wonder if her school has a ‘Seniors’ version of submissive positions … one that incorporates stools, pillows, etc … lol! … just teasing … another great post, Missy … nj … xx

    • Yes I think that might need some adapting. I can’t hold positions for that long but find it makes a great starting instruction to get me in the right mindset ?

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