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Impact Carousel – April’s Submissive Training Journal

I is for Impact

The highlight for me today, was an impact carousel workshop. During this time, there were a number of stations set up around the room where you could move around and sample the various impact sessions. We were in a much bigger room this time, one I hadn’t been to before, and each of the teachers had set up a taster session which we were allowed to sample. Although it felt public in that you could see everyone well enough, each was far enough apart and set up in a way which created a sense of intimacy. I felt a little overwhelmed though, not just at the choice ahead of me, but also at the fact that I was here. It seemed suddenly to hit me and my previous life, before April, felt very far away.

Luckily I noticed Major McGuire who, true to form, had set himself up in a leather armchair next to the fireplace, and was waiting, ready to deliver an over the knee spanking. I had felt so at ease with him when he spanked me prior to the glass dildo session the other day, that I headed over towards him. Sure enough, this proved to be a good move, getting me over my nerves and making me feel warm and relaxed. So with my happily spanked bottom smarting just so slightly, I was able to make the most of the rest of the opportunity.

Some of the stations were set up with a range of different implements to try, depending on what it was felt was required. As I moved around my tolerance to the impact grew and I was able to take a little more. We were allowed to have a look and ask questions, as well as selecting something we would like to try, and there was also time to watch what others were doing and gauge what you wanted to experience yourself. There were different stations for the crop, the cane, the dragon-tail and other whips, the paddle, the tawse and the flogger. Some were set up to use the spanking benches from the first day, but there was also a number of different pieces of furniture, including a St Andrew’s Cross.

Although I loved it all, one of my favourite moments was being secured to the cross and flogged. It was Master C, Aster’s Dominant, who was wielding the flogger on this occasion, and I was mesmerised just watching him as he twisted and twirled the floggers against August’s pale skin. It was beautiful to watch and I knew as I looked on, that I wanted to be him up there. I am thankful to say it was as good as it looked and I really felt myself drifting away as the falls danced across my skin. They landed at first like rain drops, building up to something heavier, more like hail stones, and I seemed to become part of the swirling and whirling movement as my body was lost to the rhythm.

I have to conclude that there was nothing I did not enjoy from this day. My head is full of the information I have taken in and my body is alive with the heat and the fire of the whole experience. I am so far past the hesitation I felt at the start of the practical session, and want to embrace everything that is still in store. This journey is beyond what I could ever have expected, and although I think it has altered my direction, I am convinced that I am travelling the right road.

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  1. A really enticing scene you described. I like an over the knee spank, I think in general it’s a good warm up for more. I’m enjoying the names of your characters, Major McGuire sounds like fun.

  2. I am enjoying April’s journey an awful lot! I’m surprised I didn’t think of “impact” as my I word, LoL. And oh yes…OTK. Yummm.

    • Sometimes the obvious can be overlooked somehow. Especially when you are deep into the alphabet and feeling desperate for inspiration ?

  3. I’m having trouble keeping up with the reading and commenting, Missy … I can only imagine how challenging it is for you to write, post, AND follow up with your own comments … I think HL will need to give you some type of a giant ‘good girl’ star when this assignment is finished and done ;))) … nj … xx

  4. This is fabulous Missy, well done for keeping it going. Looking forward to seeing how you deal with some of the more challenging letters!

    • I am sort of running out of steam so appreciate your encouragement. I am finding it so hard writing this sort of thing each day. Can’t wait to get back to my other stuff and to a few times a week! ?

  5. Having a thing about Jesus I would like a cross! and be flogged while hung on it – bring me closer to Jesus, u know 😉 x

    • HL has plans for a folding one to be stored flat out of the way. Not sure if he will end up making it but I hope so. ?

  6. Yes…I love to feel my body alive with the heat and the fire… Too bad no such school exists!!

    • I want to love flogging but so far, it hasn’t compared to other things for me. I hope that in time we will try it more and get more out of it. missy x

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