April's submissive Training Journal

April’s Submissive Training Journal

It was by luck really that I stumbled across the Submissive Training Programme. At first I wasn’t sure whether or not to apply. It was so not me to do something like that, but also, somewhere deep inside, I felt perhaps it was. Or if I went along and found out, maybe it could be. That was a couple of months ago now as I booked into a course which would run over the summer and coincide with my holidays. I’m not sure how many they run in a year, but this sort of fitted. So here I am. Snuggled up in my bed in the hotel close by, following the instructions I have been given, which I think has to be a good start.

I am to sleep naked. Apparently becoming more comfortable with my body will be part of my training getting into the right mindset is part of it. I have also been told to begin this journal. I don’t have to write a lot, just pick something that has been key as part of my training. Sometimes there will be tasks issued and other times it will be up to me. The idea of the training is that we work our way through the alphabet so I will have something to say here each day, about a different letter. I think there are other more advanced courses as this was marked novice level. It makes me feel better to think that the others will be just starting out like me.

Oh and I forgot to say that I have a new name. It was marked out on the envelope with the instructions to be read before my admission. I thought it was a mistake at first, but looking inside, I saw it was also marked on this journal. I am April. I think I like it. I suppose I have no choice and that is the point, but I feel like April could be the person I have been missing. So here goes. The beginning of April, the beginning of my journey and the beginning of my submissive training journal. I am nervous but excited to see where tomorrow takes me.


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  1. That’s so good! I’m already drawn in to the idea of this being a reality. That is always the best fiction of course, something that seems so real but as if you alone missed out on it. What if there were such a program? How amazing!!! Great idea Missy!

  2. Creative idea! I thought about doing the A-Z challenge, but I think I’m going to be busy doing another challenge. Maybe next year! I’ll be looking forward to the continuation of April’s training.

    • Thank you. Not sure how it will go. Need to try to keep it manageable but sometimes I get out of hand. I look forward to seeing what you get up to this month. ?

  3. Looking forward to more April reading ? … a fun concept (both subject matter and project) but wow! you’re gonna be a busy girl … nj … xx

  4. So creative! I’m not doing this challenge this year as I’m committed to a couple others and it is really hard to keep up. So I definitely look forward to reading “April’s” posts. ?

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