A is for Anal - three jewelled butt plugs for anal training

Anal Training – April’s Submissive Training Journal

A is for Anal
My head is buzzing with everything I have taken in today but that is nothing compared to the way that my body is tingling when it is time for the practical lesson. Anal training has been covered well, but nothing can prepare me for the way this is going to make me feel. It is not just the fact that I have seen the plug that is soon to become part of me, it is the way that it is being done. Here. All together. It is a muddle of contradictions in so many ways. I would be lying if I said that I had never thought about this before, but nice girls don’t do stuff like this, do they? Apparently submissive ones do. A good submissive will surrender their body to be used, consensually of course, at the will of their Dominant.

And so with the rest of the group I am ushered into room 2, where I take my place on one of the, what I now know to be, angled spanking benches. They are far enough apart so that we can’t see each other, but close enough so that we are aware we are not alone. Underwear is forbidden at the school, unless by request of the staff, so when I remove my skirt, my bottom is already bare. I climb onto the bench, and rest my head to one side, as shown in the class lesson this morning. Each leg has a separate cushion so my legs are parted quite widely and I feel completely exposed. Although I feel hot, my right cheek is cold where it rests on the leather and where the cool air touches my naked skin.

I don’t have long to wait until I hear footsteps as the teachers enter.  I am not sure who it is who stands behind me but I feel the burn of their gaze upon me. I wonder how I must look here, bottom on show for all to see. My clit twitches and tingles at what is about to happen and my face burns.

Just relax, April.

A female voice but that is all I know. I am not familiar enough yet with the staff here to be able to work it out. I feel a hand rest, firmly, on the small of my back and then a finger trails down the crack of my arse to almost touch my clit. I can feel my anus twitch and the ache inside me intensifies.

Now stay very still. This will feel cold but I don’t want you to move. Just try to enjoy the sensation. Feel don’t think. Remember your lesson earlier.

There is a pause and I feel the lube hit me. I gasp as it lands just above my hole but I manage, just, to keep still. It feels excruciating as it trickles slowly down my crack. My pelvic muscles push out somehow as I try to refrain from tensing my anal muscles in response. Like a delicious itch that cannot be scratched, I am forced to work with the sensation as the liquid warms to my skin and makes its way lower. Another blast of cold, and then I feel her finger enter me, pushing and circling at my entrance, coating me inside so that I am ready.

Good girl. You are doing really well. I can see this is something you enjoy. Stay with me, and we will soon have you plugged and ready.

I groan slightly and feel myself start to drift. There is something cold pressing at my entrance and although my eyes are closed, a picture of the small metal plug from earlier is right there in front of my eyes. I feel as if this is too much, overwhelming, and yet not enough at the same time. I ache with longing for her to touch me all over. My nipples prickle and my clit throbs and I want more of this, whatever it is. I feel the pressure and I want to clench but I know better than to do that. We have been told that the way we learn to receive is an important part. We are to hide our own responses, focussing on what we have been asked. And I have been asked not to move. To relax. And so, relax I do.

Bear down for me now, please April.

And as I do I feel the plug begin to enter me. It is cold and alien and my skin seems to burn as it stretches to accommodate it. I feel like it is too big and I want to push back but I don’t. And with a sudden movement, my body gives and it pops in.

Good girl. Nicely taken, especially for your first time. Now wait there until you are told, and then you can go back to room 1 with the others. I will have your skirt sent up to your room as you won’t need it for the remainder of the class. 

I remain in position until we are told that we can return to the lecture room, but when I am sure she is gone, I tighten my muscles around the plug. I feel odd, open somehow, and although I know it this part is over, I feel so aroused it is hard to focus. When it is time, I lift my head and push my body back. I feel sticky under my top and it contrasts with the nakedness of my bottom half when I stand up. I can feel the plug deep inside me, and the heaviness makes it feel that it might drop out. I want to reach my hand around and touch it, but I wait until I am alone before I can really explore how it looks and feels.

Somehow, we manage to walk back to the room without meeting each other’s eyes, and without talking. It is only once we are sat back down, plugs safely hidden from view, that the nervous chatter begins again. I feel better that I am not alone. And while we try to create a semblance of things being normal as we sit in our seats, all exposed and plugged, we know that things are altered now. No longer just the theory, we are actually submissives in training, our bodies and their responses so cleverly controlled by someone else in such a simple way.

* * * * * * *

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  1. I’m really enjoying this! Can’t wait to see what all happens to April! Any chance a rogue male sub will end up in her class?? ?

    • I hope so Brigit. I feel a bit daunted at the moment but it turned me on writing it so that was good. ?

  2. Ah yes … the other sweet spot :>) … a little bit dirty, a little bit exotic and oh so forbidden … which makes it all so much sweeter when everything comes together … nj … xx

    • Thanks Marie – I ended up agreeing to the orgasm challenge because I got turned on writing it lol 🙂

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