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Recently we launched a new D/s writing project: Tell Me About. We have been really pleased with the response to it but I have had some feedback from people who have not been clear about how to take part. For this reason, and the fact that it can be beneficial to your own blog to take part in some of the many memes and prompts which are around, I decided to post again about the why, the what and the how to take part. 

The Why

I think I said in my previous post launching the project that my reason for starting it was to try to have a collective resource for people who were looking for information about Dominance and submission. I also wanted to draw in some of the bloggers out there who I know are blogging about D/s but don’t usually take part in the many regular writing prompts, and explain what could be in it for you.

Essentially, taking part in these projects where you write and post on your own blog, but then link it to a central collection, will bring visitors to your site. It will also help to raise your profile on google which will drive further traffic your way. It took me a while to work this out.  I was blogging away for two and half years before I realised that there were communities of other bloggers out there. For some reason, I has missed this. I used to see the badges occasionally at the bottom of posts, but didn’t know what they meant. Because I never clicked on them, it took me a long time to work it out. 

The What

The projects are run regularly and have a repetitive feature or theme to them. For example Tell Me About is always about an aspect of Dominance and submission. The focus will change each time, but it will always be within those parameters and will always take place the same time. The topic will be launched in a blog post, for us this is at 12pm on a Sunday, and will run for almost 2 weeks, until 12pm on the Saturday.   

During this time, you write your post and then go to the linkup party on the relevant meme site and add your post to the collection. People will then click from the link party to your site to read your post. We also ask that you add a badge, with a link to the party, at the end of your post, so that people can come from your post back to the link party to see else is writing on the topic. I have used Tell Me About as the example, but there are loads of great memes for you to participate in, some of which are listed at the end of this post and also on the sidebar of the Tell Me About site. 

The How 

Most of the memes and projects will have a ‘badge’ which you should use to show that your post is part of the collection. The badge will be found on the site which is hosting the meme and usually they will provide a bunch of html code which can simply be pasted to your post. 

Screen shot of HTML code for Tell Me About

You can paste the html code in by switching to Text mode while you are writing your post. Add it wherever you want the badge to show – usually this is at the end of your post.

screenshot of HTML mode

As soon as you switch back to Visual mode, the badge should appear in your post.

screenshot of tell me about badge

Please note that for those using blogger and not wordpress, I am reliably informed that the default mode for writing is Compose, so to add the badge you will need to switch to Html mode.

It can also be helpful to add some text to explain what the badge is there for. For example, click here to see who else is telling us about (insert the topic) this week. If you are on social media then it also helps to use the relevant tag so that you link to social media, for example #TellMeAbout. You can add this here:

screenshot of where to add social media

Once you have published your post on your own site, you then go to the site hosting the meme and add your post to the link party there.

memes and prompts- screenshot of link partymemes and prompts - screenshot of link party

Once you have added your own post to a meme, it is also really nice if you can not only read, but support others who also take part. You can do this by commenting, which also helps you as your link is left on their site, or if you don’t want to comment then you could tweet their post, or do a sharing post which highlights the ones you have most enjoyed. This all helps to build a sense of community and will mean that more people find their way to your blog.

Other Memes and Writing Projects that I participate in

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  1. This is such a helpful post! Especially how to post the meme badge at the end of your post. It took a long time for me to figure that out and I had to go back and fix a bunch of my posts once I did. Thank you missy!?

  2. A great how and why post Missy – I do love posts like this – wish I had found one at the beginning too.
    I personally would also add that if you enter a meme it is nice to not only read but to support others in that meme. Not all of them maybe choose five for each meme you enter and read their post. You can support someone else’s entry in a few ways – by commenting – this is actually beneficial to you as your link will be left on their site. Or if you don’t wish to comment then why not tweet about their post or do a sharing post every so often including which reads you have enjoyed the most. 😉
    I am aware that you know all of this Missy and are a great commenter but just thought I’d add this bit – I love it when new people come to my site and I will always return the favour 😉 x

    • Honestly it isn’t an issue. It is great that a variety of people take part though and I realized that I should make it clearer to help that ?

  3. Thanks for the info, Missy. Also great to get a list of the other projects out there. A note for those (seemingly few :>)) who might be using Blogger instead of WordPress … there is a slight difference … the normal or default mode for writing a post is ‘Compose’ … to add the badge, switch to ‘Html’ mode. … nj

    • Brilliant – thanks for the tip and I have added that to the post now. Hopefully we will get some more blogger bloggers taking part. ?

  4. Fantastic post!! I’ve always used a saved image of the badge and add the link on the backside of the image, I’m not sure if it’s the same as posting the HTML code, but it seems to work as I can click on the badge and it routes back to the meme home page.
    I type a lot from the mobile app, for those that are mobile junkies like me this might be helpful? ?
    Now I have something new to try! ?

  5. I’m glad you both started this writing meme missy, and this is really helpful information. I still remember trying to work out how to post a piece and link it all up! I too save the code for the badge on notepad on my phone so I can quickly copy and paste into the app xx

  6. I am really happy that you started this meme, as it gives me a place to look at the state of our D/s, my own thoughts, my own wants, in a time when nothing D/s-related is happening. Thank you for mentioning our panel 🙂

    Rebel xox

    • I am so pleased that you are taking part. I was quite nervous about how it would go. The panel was really interesting and I hope that you don’t mind that I linked your list at the bottom. There didn’t seem any point in reinventing the wheel when you already had such a comprehensive one on your site. ?

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