girl - Can you see me

Can you see me?

Ceit struggled along the path, careful not to trip on the fallen branches. It was deserted along here which was what she wanted. She was fed up. With them, with him, with everything. She was indignant too. How dare they do this to her? How could they mess things up like this? She trudged through the forest in a way that only someone so completely absorbed in their own feelings could, and so was startled when she noticed something up ahead. She slowed and looked around, unaware of where she was. How far had she come?

As she got closer she made out the figure of a girl. Her brain took a little while to register what she was seeing, as the girl seemed to be draped across a fallen tree. She was wearing nothing and incongruous to her surroundings, and yet she also seemed completely at ease. Her bottom was upturned to the sun which peeked through the branches of the tall trees, disguising Ceit who hid from view. The trunk was far enough from the ground that the girl swung a little with her own body weight, but looked to be comfortable enough with her situation.

Ceit felt a thrill run through her. She crept a little closer so that she could see this strange girl better. Her face was not visible as her head hung down, but she turned slightly to one side as a man’s voice spoke. It was quiet, so a mere mumble to Ceit who was unable to hear the words which were clearly directed at the girl. The man came into view and her breathing quickened. He approached the girl and bent to kiss her cheek. With one swift movement he then ducked under the tree and appeared behind her.

As the man started to touch the girl’s bottom, Ceit felt herself becoming aroused. She could almost feel his fingers on her own skin and although she felt she should not watch, could not tear her eyes away. Quietly she crept closer, making sure to stay within the tree line. She moved silently until she was almost level with the couple, and she balanced against an old Scots pine. She leant into the trunk as the man continued to rub the girl’s pale skin and she pushed harder against it as he pinched a little.

Ceit was mesmerised by the sensual way he touched her and she felt herself heat up at the sight before her. After a time the man moved back slightly and she tensed as she saw him raise his arm. She must have closed her eyes as she heard the crack but didn’t see it. She opened her eyes then for the second stroke, and crack, down it came again. The noise rang out so loudly in the deserted forest, but she was sure he had not spared the girl at all.

He increased his pace then, showering her smooth skin in blows, one after the other, as her skin turned from white, to pink, to red. She heard the girl begin let out a soft moan, and  Ceit felt her own skin heat as the man continued to spank the girl. He stood closer then, and she watched as he began to touch the girl. The moans became louder in response and Ceit realised that her own fingers had found their way up under her skirt to stroke her clit. As the man began to alternate between the touching and the spanking, Ceit could feel herself slowly letting go.

With a sense of abandon she closed her eyes and it was as if she were the one over the tree. She felt the pleasure growing stronger as it mixed with the sting from her behind, and she was slowly becoming lost to the sensation. It became stronger and harder, and she felt as if she was on fire. The rhythmic sound seemed to push her on and she felt the bark of the tree digging into her. She rubbed against it feeling the delicious way that it scratched against her skin.

She wanted more, and more. She wanted for this never to end although she didn’t know if she could keep it away from much longer. She felt herself burning inside and the feelings consumed her. She heard the man’s voice. “Now!” and Ceit screamed out, letting go as the orgasm ripped through her. Opening her eyes, she met the eyes of the girl, whose head turned to look at her. Ceit smiled not caring in that moment who saw her or knew what she had done. But she went suddenly cold, trying to make sense of what she saw.

She was looking at herself. She had found her fetch, or the fetch had found her.


In celtic folklore a fetch is described as an exact, spectral double of a living human, whose appearance is regarded as ominous. It is said that if you come face to face with your own fetch then you will die. 


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  1. Great story Missy. You have a way of writing that draws the reader in so well. It’s always so easy to imagine myself as the one in the story…or is that just because I’m a sub and would enjoy the scenes you always write? ??

    • I don’t know about that. I am always the one in the story so that could be it. And they are usually part true and part what is in my head. Thank you ❤️

    • Awww thank you. Yes it is the same as a doppelgänger. I think different cultures have different things. ?

    • Thanks Kayla. I didn’t really expect it to turn out a bit sinister but I would like to continue it somehow ?

  2. Beautiful telling of an intriguing story – I was really captivated and then surprised by the ending. Now I know what a fetch is, it is a little ominous!
    The image of the girl draped over the tree made me think of a #SinfulSunday pic Molly took the week I was judging.

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