Mummification Monday for missy

We have been meaning to try mummification for quite a while. It was actually one of the gifts on our advent calendar this year (and last) but for some reason, something has always come up to stop it from happening. HL had said this year that the gifts which had ‘not been cashed’ were to be carried over as little kinky interludes throughout the year. So that being said, we found ourselves at mummification monday earlier this week.  For anyone who isn’t clear, mummification is an advanced form of bondage in which a person is partially or fully cocooned in materials such as plastic wrap, a body bag, plaster, bondage tape, duct tape, bandages, pallet wrap, vet wrap or other medical wraps. This process leaves the body completely restricted and immobilized (Kinkly).

We used cling film, or saran wrap to our American friends. It is easy and cheap and actually I was well impressed with how quickly and easily it stuck to me, or rather it stuck to itself. Sometimes the stuff can be fiddly enough to use when wrapping a piece of cheese, and it hates covering my dinner dishes, so I was pretty pleased when it seemed to go on so smoothly. Another thing that surprised me was how quickly I became immobilised and also the speed at which it seemed to tighten up. HL enjoys bondage so I am no stranger to being secured in a variety of poses, but often it takes time and effort to get the bonds just right. I will strain against them to check and often am able to find little pockets of wriggle room if I twist and turn.

Not so with the cling film. That stuff had me held fast within seconds and it really helped my mindset, making me feel quite submissive almost straight away. I was standing, initially, as that was the only way it could really be done. I guess that HL could have wrapped me to the bondage table (Dexter style) but the shape underneath would have made this tricky. To bind someone to a chair could work, but I think that being upright was really the most effective way, at least for the novice starting out.  I could see my body start to change too which added to the experience, as it took on a sleek and glossy look.

My head was left out of the wrap which is how we would do it again. I think that with something designed for the purpose, you could cover some of the face as well, but for me that would have been unpleasant and probably unsafe. It heats up fast inside the plastic and although I couldn’t feel anything more than a warm sensation, HL was able to see moisture forming within my casing. It is amazing how quickly your balance is compromised when your body is unable to regulate itself through free movement, and as he wrapped more of me, I felt that I was swaying and becoming a bit unstable.

I enjoyed the feeling of being bound so securely and tightly much more than I thought I would so that was an added bonus. What I had looked forward to was being completely encased and then having little parts cut away so that bits of my body were exposed. I had imagined a knife, but HL first of all used some (very sharp) scissors to pierce and cut away the area on my nipples. The popped out one after another and the feeling of the cool air on them contrasted nicely with my growing body head, and was quite arousing.

He then tipped me back onto the bed and began to play with me. When he produced the scissors again and cut out a space so he could touch my clit, I was really starting to get into it. I felt completely vulnerable and reliant on him, as well as feeling naughty for having parts of me exposed. After a time he flipped me over and cut out a  flap for access to my bum too and by this time I was feeling quite objectified. Having my shape removed, as all parts of me squished flat, had made me feel less like me and I actually felt like some sort of sex doll which was wrapped up ready for use.

We didn’t do much more than that due to the fact that HL was becoming concerned that I was overheating and dehydrating. I’d had my usual hot bath before coming to bed and although I felt fine, he said afterwards that it was playing on his mind and making him concerned. I do think that a Dom would have to be careful in this situation as I wasn’t aware at all of how hot and wet I had become until he removed my layers. He wiped me over with a towel as I shivered in what felt like the freezing air of the bedroom and I was glad to snuggle under the covers.

I felt a little disappointed that the play had been cut short but appreciate that in this circumstance I was not a good judge of my own limits. We continued to play, sans wrap, and afterwards he explained that he had wanted to be careful. Mummification is something that we will try again but perhaps straight after a bath is not a good idea. We will probably try to incorporate it into some sort of story as it seems that it would lend itself to objectification or a humiliation scene. I am glad that we gave it a go and I am excited to think that it is something we can build upon when we revisit.


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  1. Cold bath, or maybe a naked run outside beforehand. Strangely it can be difficult to think of play ideas during winter that won’t be affected by cold weather, but this seems a good one.

  2. Sounds like you had a good time. Although not something I initially would be interested in, the way you describe it does sound fun, the cutting away layers to reveal your body is very sexy.

    • Yes that was the thrill really. I was also surprised how much tighter it feels than other forms of bondage we have tried ?

  3. Wow that sounds lie something I may like – the quickness in which you can be immobilised and I now see cling film has an actual use that may work 😉 x

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