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Tell Me About … Dominance and submission

The new year has left me thinking about my direction, both as a submissive and as a blogger. I get so much from writing on my blog and the reflection which comes from it has really allowed space for me to grow and to learn. About a year and a half ago, HL and I opened The SafeworD/s Club which started as an online chat community for Dominants and submissives. The purpose of this was to provide a safe space where we could learn and share with others who had similar interests. We are not in a position to become part of a local D/s community so we wanted to host a sort of online style munch as we thought there may be other people out there who would want to meet and make friends online.

I should stress that the site is not a dating site and the focus is on learning. While none of us are experts, the shared experience that we have leads to chats which are interesting, varied and enjoyable. It is great to meet other like-minded people, but it is also really interesting to be able to talk to people who are in different dynamics to your own. Quite quickly the site became a bit of a resource as well as a meeting point for members and so we added forums and a blog. I continued to write about my personal journey on here and joined with some other members in also writing less personal pieces for the SWC blog.

Since becoming more involved in some of the many great memes and writing projects hosted by bloggers within this community, I had an idea for a D/s related writing prompt. I know there are already lots of great projects on the go and so I hope there is space for one more as I wanted something which was purely about Dominance and submission and focussed on writing which was personal reflective or informational in nature. Many of the other prompts cater largely for the fantastic fiction writers out there, and although I have dabbled, I am really not one of those who naturally fits that sort of writing!

I came here to write about my journey into D/s and as such, I have always followed blogs where writers are predominantly writing about those topics. What I really hope is that some of those people who are writing about their own thoughts, experiences and opinions on aspects of Dominance and submission will join me in linking the posts to this new prompt which runs every fortnight – that is two weeks to those who don’t use the term! I hope that what will arise is a collected resource for those looking for information on all things D/s, as I would have found that so useful when I was starting out.

The first Tell Me About … prompt will launch this weekend and will be open for two weeks for you to post on your own blog and then add to the collection using the linky tool. For more information please visit Tell Me About … Dominance and submission or click on the badge at the bottom of the page. If there is anyone reading who doesn’t have their own blog but would like to take part, then please just get in touch. While the focus in on writing about topics associated with Dominance and submission, there is no requirement to be in any particular sort of relationship dynamic. This is about you sharing your experience, thoughts and opinions and I would hope that it would attract a range of different people.

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  1. I love this! I love reading about other people‘s experiences. And adding my own if possible. And I love that it’s not based around fiction. I got the code 🙂

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