The Z-Job and other night-time adventures

When I did the Blogging A-Z Challenge last year, I wrote about the Z-job.  I hadn’t actually known that it was ‘a thing’ before that, but there you go; I always said that I was here to learn. For anyone else who may also be in the dark, a Z-job is when you suck the cock of someone who is sleeping. Technically it is a sleeping blow job but for me it would never get to completion before HL woke up, so I am leaving my definition as sucking. Clearly consent would need to be given for this but it seemed there was been a little kink that we had been practising for quite sometime without even knowing that it was a thing.

HL loves to be woken in this way. Although I would usually ask permission to suck him, if I am feeling naughty, or in need of comfort, it might be something that I will do. Not surprisingly he has never been angry at this sort of rude awakening and so no trouble has come my way so far. It became a bit of a tradition with us early on in our relationship too. If I was out somewhere and got home after he was in bed, this is what I would do. Sometimes I wonder if he actually went to bed early for the sheer pleasure of being roused in this way.  As I said, I have never been able to go all the way to climax before he wakes up, but I can definitely get him from soft to hard while he is still in the throes of slumber.

Truth be told, the throes of slumber are pretty soon switched for the throws of passion and after he has luxuriated in the experience for a while, his Dominance will take over and I will be thrown, quite literally flipped over, and will be taken roughly in the way he sees fit. Touching him while he sleeps is also something that we both enjoy and he is quite happy to be woken in that way too. I suppose this makes it easier to see his reaction and it is always one that I love. He seems to switch back and forth between the I am totally enjoying this feeling and don’t care how it is happening to the I am dreaming, not I’m not, I am so confused sort of reaction.

As a submissive it can be hard to set the boundaries for what will work and what will be too far. I know that some will throw their hands up in horror at the thought that I have instigated something sexual, despite my role. But this is how it works for us. This is something that HL enjoys. It doesn’t threaten the power exchange as he is always in control. It is me meeting his need and fulfilling his desires so there is no issue from the fact that on occasions I will initiate this sort of night-time play. He wants to feel desired, he wants to feel wanted and he likes to be woken now and then to find his raging hard-on in my mouth. I expect if it happened all the time the novelty would wear off and he might not like it, but so far there has been only positive feedback.

Sometimes it will be the other way around. This never works quite the same as I get aroused by the mental stimulation that goes along with the physical sensations. In addition he tends to wake horny and I don’t, so it takes a word or two to flip my switch as it were. One of the things that I do love though, is our agreement that he will use me whenever he wants. This includes times when I might be asleep and he will wake my up with his gentle prodding or a clear instuction to get on my hands and knees. Rather than waiting for me to get lost in the feeling, he will lose himself and that in itself will do it for me. My body will be respond by becoming wet just at his touch or by him telling me to do so which means that we can have some great, quick morning sex where his pleasure is the only focus.

Sleepy night-time sex is not something that we do a lot as we tend to indulge in more intense play and scenes, but it is certainly something which we like to keep for those times when it feels like the right thing to do.  Apart from the overarching agreement that I am his whenever he wants and he is happy to receive a Z-job now and then, it is not something that we really discuss or plan. It is a natural nocturnal occurrence which we both enjoy and like to indulge in when the mood takes us, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

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  1. I hadn’t heard of the term before so thank you, like learning new things. I have never attempted to suck PS in his sleep but I used to use my hand on him quite a bit. I think he would wake but pretend to stay asleep to savour it.

  2. I’ve never thought of giving JB a blowjob while he’s asleep (although I have given him a quick lick a few times) but it sounds absolutely wonderful. I definitely don’t think there’s anything wrong with a submissive initiating sex, but it’s something I do so rarely that it never really occurs to me to try. But this one? Knowing how much he enjoys my mouth on his cock? I might have to try this the next time I find him sleeping while I’m awake. 🙂

    • I like the feel of a soft cock slowly growing in my mouth which is something I don’t usually get to try as when he is awake and knows what’s going to happen that tend to rule out any softness lol

  3. Sounds delightful! I’d love to be woken this way too. What guy wouldn’t? But we’d have to figure out how to put a male sub twist on what comes once awake. ?

    • I am sure your queen could think of that. Just because you are woken in that way doesn’t mean she wouldn’t tease you to the point of distraction once she had your attention.

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