In the window

In the Window

missy in the windowStanding in the window naked was not something I thought I would ever be comfortable with. And yet, there I am. I love what windows do. A tiny glimpse out and a tiny glimpse in. A slither of information that the mind is left to play with and turn over, doing with it what it will.

I am drawn to a window. I enjoy people watching so it has always worked for me as the viewer. Whether that is looking out at what is going on around about or looking in at what is inside, it sparks my imagination.

Allowing myself to be viewed is much newer of course, but with it comes a little thrill. As I looked out at HL in the square below, I wondered if anyone else was watching him and imagining what he was doing and what he was photographing. I also wondered if anyone was looking up, prompted by seeing him there with his camera.

Over the course of last weekend we took quite a few other pictures in the window, mostly in the daylight, and I know that I was seen. HL commented how surprising it was to see the change in me over the course of the a year. As I reflected on this in my SS post last week, I thought that this would be a good picture to kick off with.

And now, I am even contemplating taking part in Molly’s February Photofest!

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  1. This is fabulous and as someone testing exhibitionism waters myself, I fucking love it! So glad you are enjoying yourself and I look forward to seeing more of your journey ?

    • Thanks nikki – what a lovely thing to say. The exhibtionism waters lol. I don’t really consider myself an exhibitionist but I have certainly been made into an exhibit and I have actually enjoyed that. It comes with a certain headspace as it is not something that I would typically do. The best of luck on your own journey and I look forward to following that. 🙂

    • Thanks May. It was too fuzzy to get more than a glimpse. I think we need more stuff for the camera but probably not likely to be in that situation again ❤️

  2. I love the architecture and the image you’ve captured – beautiful. It feels wonderful to have watched your butterfly wings gradually unfold and you grow in confidence over subsequent Sunday images. You have done so well, no wonder HL was marvelling.

    • Thanks Posy. That means a lot and it has been really encouraging to have all the support from fellow bloggers ❤️

    • Thanks blue. It is nice to be able to go away and to take the pictures. Most of them are just for us but it is lovely to be able to look back on them ?

    • Thank Krystal. We have done a few over the time but the room we had this time really leant itself to this one. I look forward to seeing what you come up with ?

  3. There is always a risk taking pictures of windows at midnight in a built up area. It really was a ‘snap’ and run! Great fun though!

  4. Oh yes I really hope you do join in with Febphotofest. It seems like a lot but it really does zoom by and it is such a wonderful feeling when you complete it


    • Thank you. It is a great building and it was a great opportunity for this sort of picture. If this had been the hotel landing and not our bedroom then I don’t think I would have managed. Baby steps ?

    • It really is and it was nice to see how much more relaxed I was than the first times we tried it. The open square below which looks onto the port means that there are always people going past and looking up. There are also lots of flats looking directly in so it did feel quite exposed in that sense. ?

    • I do wonder what it would have looked like in real life. The camera we have couldn’t really cope with distance at night time but I am glad that we took it ?

  5. I love how daring this is, what a wonderful delight to happen upon on the dark night! As I said elsewhere it reminds me of a painting, and a snapshot of what has happened, or about to…great setting.

  6. You should have been in Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”!

    Something very sexy in that shot. The uncertainty, for the viewer, if you were posing for the viewer (or viewfinder), or just happened to walk past the window at the moment someone looked up.

    Wonderful image!

    • What a fantastic thing to say. You really brought a smile to my face first thing when I read this. Thank you ?

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