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Positives and Negatives

negatives - a negative of missy posing in underwear and stockings

“Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop.”

I try to see the positives in situations. That doesn’t mean I would count myself as an optimist as I also see the negatives. I feel that this gives me the most realistic view and being realistic is what works best for me.  The past few years have been really hard for us. Our lives have changed quite considerably and we have found some aspects of the changes really tough. However, we also have aspects of our lives where we feel really blessed and fortunate. I think that life is like this really.

Every picture can be seen from an alternative viewpoint. Sometimes that means that things make you feel as if you have been turned upside down or inside out. Sometimes it feels like your fortunes have been reversed. And sometimes, it is a case of pausing for a moment to gain perspective and see if things will feel different if looked at from a new angle. I think that photography is like that too. With different lighting or a different filter an image can be altered in a way which seems to change its meaning. I don’t think negatives are bad unless you view them badly. It has worked better for us to try to see them as an opportunity for change, whether change was what you had planned or not.



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