missy and HL exchange gifts as part of the D/s Advent 2018

Festive Fun – Our D/s Advent Calendar 2018

Well that is the period of advent at a close and, therefore, the end of ‘gifts’ that we were giving each other as part of our D/s Advent Calendar for 2018. I have posted about some of these activities and others I have left private. In order to be transparent, I should also add that some we didn’t do. This was for the simple reason that although we were focussing on each other as life so often gets in the way, this did not stop life getting in the way. There were changes to our work schedule that we hadn’t anticipated, we were also both unwell during some of this period, and there was also the fact that the exhaustion that so often hits me in the run up to the end of term was not kept at bay by us having made plans. Such is life.

I am not disappointed by this. It would have been nice to have completed all of the days of course, but deciding to put a few of them on hold was a good call on HL’s part. I actually see it as quite a positive as it gives us a ready made set of connectors for any time that we feel we want to reach for one.  While it is good to do something special for each other at this time of year, it is also good to be taking the time for each other whenever you can so I feel pretty happy about the way that things turned out. What it has also done it to keep us talking at a time when everything else can take over, even if it has only been to suggest that the task might be enjoyed better if kept to a time when there is the time.

So what is has done is act as a connector and it has also kick started (or kink started) our festive fun for this year. It is definitely something I would recommend and many of the things are not born out of big gestures but rather made of the small things. I think that really it is often the little things that you do for each other which can be forgotten and so we have really enjoyed spending time on those.  Being close is essential to things working smoothly and taking the time to communicate effectively is so important. Fortunately some of the fears I had when I wrote christmas is coming were allayed through the discussion that we had when I opened up about how I was feeling.

So on Christmas Eve when we hooked up some fairy lights in the bedroom and exchanged the gifts we had for each other which would not be under the tree for our number 24, it was really lovely. I think that we both felt really close and very lucky to have what we do. Of course one thing did lead to another and some christmas kink was shared through more than just the gifts we swapped, but essentially being able to relax and take the time to enjoy being together was what was most special. There is nothing better than feeling connected on a level which means that you can experience all the good things together and although 2018 has not been easy for us, I am so grateful that we have come out of it feeling like this.

For other posts on some of the things we got up to as part of our advent this year please click here, and for anyone who is interested in a complete list of the activities which we planned, I have included one below.

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Prompt #343: Festivities
Also a huge thanks to the lovely Marie Rebel for hosting Wicked Wednesday. I have really enjoyed taking part this year and using the weekly prompts which she provides as inspiration to us all.  I hope that everyone is enjoying the festivities so far and please click above to see what others are posting.


D/s Advent Calendar 2018

1 – A Glass of Christmas Cheer
A Glass of Christmas can come in many forms and for us at the beginning of the festive month a nice warm glass of something is just what we need. In this case we will be using our glass dildo collection for temperature play to get us in the mood!

2 –  Pine Needle Play
Pine Needles of a different variety will be needed for this festive scene! Plenty of sharp medical grade needles will be employed to give missy some Ho Ho Ho of her own!

3 – Gold, Frankincense and Mhyrr Festive Massage
We both enjoy touch and today is all about spending time on each other. We have some great massage oil full of festive flavour and taking time to massage each other, will be the start of our play tonight.

4 – It’s Nippy Out
When the chill sets in those nipples really have a life of their own! Tonight HL is going to give them special attention to see what connections he can make to heat up the moment!

5 – Christmas Decoration
Christmas Decorations come in a shapes and sizes and HL only wants the best. A hand painted festive bauble in the shape of a sexy sub is what he wants. Adorned with glass balls, stars and numerous colourful trinkets, missy will look good enough to hang on any tree!

6 – Naughty Lunch Break Mark 2
Naughty lunch break was part of the 2016 submissive advent calendar and it was such fun that we thought it would be good to try again. Although this is something that we could be doing more often, life gets in the way and we just don’t make the time. Let’s hope there’s no detention for being late back.

7 – Christmas Stockinged Dinner Date
Sexy lingerie and a candlelit dinner for two. What could be more inviting on a cold winter’s night, not to mention the fun places it might lead?

8 – Naughty Elf
Oh oh – she’s back. The naughty Christmas Elf is up to no good again! A regular visitor to the bedroom during seasonal (and other) times, this is a role that we have a lot of fun playing with. Mischief and adventure here we come.

9 – Candy Caning
Nothing like a good cane to make your cheeks blush. Our Christmas cane is not made of sugar but does deliver sweet pain and pleasure! We rarely take time to use the cane for full effect, so tonight HL will be adding a few red stripes of his own!

10 – Write me a fantasy to carry me away to an erotic land!
This is something that we tried last year in the D/s advent calendar for 2017 and so we thought that it would be nice to give it a go again. And as fantasy tends to turn into reality with us, this could be quite exciting.

11 – What I love about you in an electronic message
Texts of love and lots of them. Today is all about those little things it is good to say and even better to hear. As we are apart this week we though this would be a good way to cover the miles between us. Let’s hope it brings us closer.

12 – Come Together Everybody, Right Now, Over me – The Beatles
Being apart is never easy and this week work has sought to separate us. So tonight it is about coming together over facetime. Often during times away, we don’t make these sorts of connections so it will be nice to use the tech we have to make those miles fade away.

13 – Santa’s Christmas List
This was another idea that we used last year but, as advent runs into a two week holiday for us, we thought it would be a good idea to make a short list of the kinky sexy things we would like to do together over the festive break.

14 – Christmas Bubbles
Tonight we are reunited and plan to kick things off with a champagne hot tub. Freezing temperatures outside but raging heat within after a week apart, so who knows where all those bubbles will lead.

15 – Wrapped up Nicely
Everything needs to be kept fresh for Christmas, however, cling film has other uses! Transparent bondage has been discussed ever since Kink Fest this year. What better way of getting sweaty and kinky at the same time.

16 – Walking in a Winter Wonderland
The weather outside maybe frightful but that is the time for missy to look super sexy and step outside for some contrasting photo shots.

17 – A Winter’s Tale
Our task for today is to write an erotic story as a gift to each other. The characters will be based on ourselves so we are hoping this will be a lot of fun.

18 – Video Killed the Radio Stars
But not our kink! Whilst HL travels for work sending a sexy video message always keeps the home fires burning!

19 – BDSM Checklist – Let’s see where we are now?
Going back over a BDSM Checklist is something that we try to do now and then. It seemed a good task for his week as we are not together but it is something that we can do apart and then compare at a later point. It will be interesting to see what we have left in the way of limits, how they have changed, and will give us some ideas of where we want to go for 2019.

20 – A picture can say a thousand words
Today will be about sharing some naughty pictures. Our exploration into intimate photography has really taken off this year and we have many more photos of each other than we had in the past. But this is about taking those sneaky sexy selfies and sneakily sending them to each other to brighten up the day.

21 – Cock Worship
Get down on your knees to worship the god of love! Cock worship is something that we both enjoy. It requires a particular headspace and this is usually a real connector so a good one to have following a period apart.

22 – Santa’s Workshop
Santa has his magical workbench out to design the perfect sexual sub! HL (Santa in disguise) will be slowly assembling his new adult toy, but first all the connections have to be made and throughly tested for kinkability!

23 – Sensation Scene
With the sound of distant carols in the background let us drift away as our senses are teased and tested to send missy to place of comfort and delightful orgasms!

24 – Kinky Christmas
Tonight we get to exchange the gifts we have for each other which will not be under the tree. Although we don’t go to town and try to stick within a budget, it is always fun to indulge in this secret part of ourselves together.

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  1. This is such a great idea and it makes me so happy you have shared it with us – I also really respect that you have been honest and told us it did not “all” work out as you would have hope xx

    • Hehe. Thanks. It was a lot of fun and I think that it’s always better to be honest. Life is never all one way. ❤️

  2. I think this is a wonderful tradition of yours, to be so focused on one another, to share special moments. Thank you for sharing them, and thank you for your support for Wicked Wednesday 🙂

    Rebel xox

    • Aww thank you so much Rebel. I am really pleased that I started taking part as it has allowed me to see what others are doing and to explore a little bit with some fiction. The first few years I was blogging away in my own little corner so it has brought me out in a small way. ❤️

  3. It sounds like a lovely connection and it sounds to me like the effort you put into your relationship really pays off. That is a great pst and a super cool tradition. TFS!

    • Aww thank you. That is very kind. It has been a good tradition for us although it has evolved from its original form. I think this one is more sustainable although there is less surprise obviously ?

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