Welcome to santa's workshop little doll

Welcome to my workshop, little doll

Welcome to santa's workshop little dollHe has told me to make sure that I have shaved for him. When I get into the bedroom I notice that there are christmas carols playing and I wonder how sexy that will make me feel. He once played ‘The Carpenters’ and I had to yellow as the crooning sentimentality was working against me. He sees my thinking in my expression and says, “Welcome to Santa’s workshop. I will be with you soon.”
I wait for him, settling into the music. When he comes back he shows me where he wants me to lie. He tells me I am a doll which has come from the workshop and requires a few final checks before it leaves.

I feel a bit silly and I smile at his words but he is touching me and stroking my body which feels good.
“Do you understand?” he says, taking the moment back.
Feeling bad I mumble a “yes.”
“Yes, who?”
What do I say? He isn’t him and I am not me. I am a doll and he is – Santa?
“Yes, Santa,” I try, feeling nervous and silly and a bit awkward.
“Clever girl”, he says. “We wouldn’t want someone to have their Christmas ruined by receiving a broken doll.”
And I smile again because it is funny and because I am so conflicted as he continues to move his hands across my body, feeling and touching and checking me over.

He asks me to raise my hands above my head and he continues his inspection of my parts. He runs his fingers over me but stops and checks my armpits and murmurs approval. He squeezes my breasts and shoogles them a bit, noting that they feel nice and soft. Next he asks me to bend my knees and pull my heels up next to my bottom so that he can continue his assessment. He instructs me to let them fall open so that he can have a proper look. He looks at me and touches me a bit, using a lubed finger to glide across my skin, commenting that everything looks to be in order.

Next he tells me to reach my hands around behind my knees and pull my legs right up against my chest. I am now completely exposed and feel ridiculous in this nappy position. I feel embarrassed and this increases when he uses the torch on his phone to look at me more closely. He prods and pulls a little and I am even more conflicted about what I feel. I want it to be over but also I don’t. It is too intimate and I am not sure where to go. I want to hide but he keeps pulling me back into it.
“I know this seems very thorough but sometimes little hairs can be missed,” he says. “Unfortunately I see this is the case so I will make a note to have that addressed before you leave the workshop.”

I am so humiliated as I tried really hard to get them all but by falling into the role, it allows me to deal with it in an erotic way. I am aware of the shift in my body and in my mind as his words and the effect of what he is doing begin to force a change. Although I don’t want to enjoy what I am feeling it is turning me on and when he says the next thing to do is to insert my battery, it pushes me further towards him.
“I need you to open your legs a bit. There is a special opening hidden down here for your battery so if you keep still I can pop it in.”
I can feel the lube trickle across me and then he presses the plug against my hole. He pushes a little and then, with his other hand, pulls me open, stroking my clit.
“There is a button here which is designed to make insertion easier,” he says as he tweaks it. “Just relax your body will take the battery in.”

Again I smile internally at how funny and incongruous his dialogue is. It is not sexy and yet I feel myself responding by becoming aroused which is humiliating in itself. I feel the plug stretching me and then quickly it is engulfed. Battery safely inside me, he begins to massage my clit for a minute, again using the torch to inspect the area, pulling and tweaking and finally putting a couple of fingers into me. I am starting to move with him and he hears my breathing quicken. He continues and I make a little whimper.

“Ah yes. The premium model makes little noises once the battery is in,” he says, and I feel my face burn. He reaches for something and moves back up to pull my nipples. He is holding the Christmas nipple clamps that I made a few years ago; he attaches one to the left side first and it feels good but the right one hurts and it begins to send shooting pains through me. I try to go with it but I think he sees it on my face and asks me if I’m ok. I don’t want to ruin things but it’s not the usual sort of pain, so I do tell him and then feel that I have blown it as he removes it immediately. I worry this will change the atmosphere but as he lays it down he says, “Note made. Right nipple is faulty.” And with a smile of relief I am back with him.

He tells me now that every toy is unique and that he needs to put the detail on my instructions. He explains that I am an adult toy and that he needs to see how strong my suck is. He feeds me his cock and I take it in, hungrily, glad of the distraction from what is going on. It feels familiar and I am starting to lose myself in trying to make him feel good when he pulls back and tells me to stop.
“Clearly a strength, and your enjoyment in this activity will be noted for users,” he says. He has been playing with my clit during this time and now he tells me that he needs to finish off with a little instrument he has for polishing me up. I groan as I know he will use the wand and already I feel like I am desperate to come.

“I am pleased to say that the initial stage is over and apart from the few amendments noted, you are good to go. However, before we can release you, I need to discover which actions will make you the most responsive. This can be a little intense but I am sure you will enjoy parts of it,” he says with confidence.
As he starts the wand, he flicks my breasts. He becomes a bit harsher and is alternating between flicking and slapping. He pulls my nipples and keeps the pressure on the wand. I can feel myself moving against the wand as his rough treatment of my boobs combines with it to really turn me on.
“Interesting,” he says. “Most toys don’t enjoy this sort of treatment, but there are those in a certain category who do. I think we may have found your niche.”
Just as I think I will probably come he pulls back on the wand and tells me that I will not be allowed to orgasm at this stage of the assessment; I fight the feeling back, trying to relax.

He continues for a bit and as he can feel me start to build up, he speaks again.
“I think we are ready for the final phase,” he says and I wonder what is coming. He removes the butt plug and tells me this part is called “Destruction Testing”.
“This is where we play with the toys until they lose control completely,” he says. “Essentially, we break them. My best advice is just to relax and to let go. Don’t try to fight it as the end is inevitable.”
I am quivering inside and am feeling really overwhelmed by what this is becoming and by the changes in me. It doesn’t feel silly anymore and I am not smiling at what he says. I am so turned on that I think I feel ready to give up right now, but I know there is part of me that is still fighting what he will make me become.

He begins again, wand on and flicking my breasts.
“Your nipple is leaking,” he says and I feel shocked and then embarrassed.
“They both are. They are leaking for me.” He squeezes them as he speaks, pulling them too and adds, “Do you like to be milked, little doll?” He continues, milking me and flicking me while the wand polishes away and I am lost in the feeling of need and the humiliation.
“Oh you do. You liked to be milked. I can see how it is turning you on.”
And I am drowning in the thought of a set of instructions which means that anyone who reads it will try this and do this to me and that this is what I will become. The feeling that I have been discovered and uncovered is huge and I am so needy and desperate for more that it seems a price worth paying.

“You really do have unusual tastes he says. Most unusual in fact. I wonder what other dirty things you like.” And his fingers find my arsehole.
“I think you may respond well to being touched here too,” he says, knowing just what this will do to me.
“Already so relaxed and open,” he says simply and I can feel myself starting to come. He pushes a finger into me and, again the realisation that this will forever be the way I am treated, the way I am worked, that all my secrets will no longer be my own and will be exposed to anyone who wants to read tips me over and I convulse in front of him as my orgasm finally takes me over.

The Destruction Testing doesn’t stop following my orgasm and he continues to test me. He is all over me, using all of my triggers against me, noting them openly as factual information about how I work. He encourages me and reassures me, at the same time stating the deviant nature of my make up and in the end there is nothing to do but to do as he says and just let go. I let go of everything and everyone and allow him to examine me, discovering what things turn me on, noting how my body responds and categorising me for the use of others. He is right that there is no point fighting it and I don’t. I give in to him and to my own desires and let him draw the orgasms from me as he breaks me down.

This scene was part of our D/s Advent Calendar:
22 – Santa’s Workshop
Santa has his magical workbench out to design the perfect sexual sub! HL (Santa in disguise) will be slowly assembling his new adult toy, but first all the connections have to be made and thoroughly tested for kinkability!

Although it was essentially roleplay, the thrill for me was that it was really all about erotic humiliation.

To see who esle is joining in Masturbation Monday this week just click the link below.  A big thank you to Kayla Lords for all her hard work in hosting the project and a very Merry Christmas to her and all those who participate.

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    • Yes humiliation is a hard one and everyone is so different in terms of where the line between hot and hurtful is. It is very personal so finding the triggers that work can be complicated especially as the nature of it means that you don’t want to want it. ?

  1. First of all ‘shoogles’, great word.

    I really enjoyed reading about how you play. HL does a great job with the dialogue, especially when there is a need to check in, without pulling you out of the role. That’s something I struggle with.

    • Thanks PS. I think he used to find it harder but it comes more naturally now which is good. I think if you can get into a role too that can help especially if it lends itself to the things you want to do ?

    • Thank you. It was quite overwhelming but in a good way. I was glad that he managed to turn my mindset into one which worked for the scene ?

    • Thank you. It did sort of grow in a direction that I hadn’t foreseen which was a great start to the holidays for me ?

    • Thank you. It has taken a while to get to this point but I think once you know the triggers it is easier to play with them and really take control. I am glad you found it hot. ?

  2. I can definitely see the humiliation aspect, and while I love humiliation (to a certain extent), I wonder if I’d be able to get over the incongruousness of what was being said. Though, the idea of being a doll is also kind of hot. Basically, I think I’m saying, I get the contradictions here, and I like them, too. 🙂

    • Thanks Kayla. It is always highly personal what works isn’t it? I think that if the dialogue hits your own triggers for arousal then it will push you deeper into responding even though it seems incongruous as the cognitive dissonance is a huge part of it. But equally I think that if the dialogue doesn’t do that, it will push you out of that headspace rather than pulling you in. I often read things and I can see why people would enjoy to do that but know it wouldn’t work to arouse me. The whole area of erotic humiliation is something that I find fascinating because it works so differently than many other types of kink. For us, the role is definitely a vehicle to help to experience things that we wouldn’t be able to ordinarily.

  3. Hey Missy – this was indeed a great tale. The truth of it shone through. While you weren’t totally into it, and feeling faintly silly I felt it too, but as soon as you switched to finding it sexy – the subtle humiliation, exposure and being categorised as deviant, then I was into it! It became very hot and I could easily imagine all sorts of fun being had. Fabulous Christmas themed adult adventure.

    • Oh wow. Thanks Posy. I am so pleased that happened. I was pretty embarrassed posting it as I often feel my kinks are off what is mainstream which is an irony in itself. I suppose that is also the point though. Thank you for making me feel a little easier ❤️

  4. I think the big irony is – there is no mainstream! A mainstream kink? What would that even be – except one which everyone has heard of like spanking! But really we all have our own variations on a common theme. Now carry on writing exactly what you enjoy and you’ll be amazed how many people get into it because you transmit/translate your passion. xx

    • Thanks Posy – that really helps ❤️. I will try. It’s always up to HL what I get to experience but I definitely do hint and try to auto suggest lol.

  5. Doll from the workshop, that is so clever, I love that.

    I was rather turned on reading this and excited and captivated.

    I had to laugh at the special opening for the battery! All of this was so on theme, wow. His dialogue throughout is hilarious!

    I love how you describe how the embarrassment works for you. It reminds me so much about how shame is good and it really comes through here.

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