star and lights

All we need is a star on top

She had bought the laser lights for him, thinking they would look nice for Christmas. He had set them up while she was out, working hard to make sure that they fell correctly across the house. It hadn’t been easy and there was a lot of trial and error to get them level as the front garden wasn’t even.

She knew as soon as she saw them that she wasn’t happy. After commenting that all they needed was a star on top of the house and the wise men would find them, she said she would return them. She wondered if that was a little harsh, but he said nothing and slowly began to take the lights down.

Some time later he had come in and gone straight upstairs. When he came back down he had smiled and handed her the knickers, shoes and nipple pasties. She recognised then that he had been offended and that this was her punishment. He saw his friends for cards once a month and they were hosting that night.  To serve them in some sort of humiliating way would certainly make her think about her actions and remind her how much he actually did for her, and she accepted that.

An hour later, as she sat the chair, she realised she had underestimated him. Again. How very clever this all was. Having had her dress to suit his needs, he had positioned her and told her to stay very still. He took some time to arrange the lights so that they were just right, adjusting the height and the distance, so that her dark corner was illuminated by the little lasers. It was then the penny dropped about the point he was making.

He didn’t speak but busied himself setting up the rest of the room for when they arrived. She remained motionless as her feelings worked through, and out of her. Indignance. Recognition. Anger. And then remorse.

She was sorry. No longer for the situation she found herself in, but for him and for how she had made him feel. It was as well that she felt she would do anything she could to make it up to him as just then the doorbell rang and he looked at her.

“All we need now is a star on top and the wise men will definitely find you.”
And there it was.
The humiliation.


Flash Fiction: 400 words

Friday Flash No. 36 — Star on Top


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    • Thank you. I also like reading about things which are not my thing as it can be interesting. Thank you for taking the time to comment ?

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