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Dom Rod definition
Dom Rod is the term lovingly used to describe the arousal and subsequent stiffness of cock which is sported by a male Dom during acts of Dominance. It is not my term originally as it was coined by PurpleSole and littlegem but when they used it during our chat the other night, it was felt by all that it was a great term and should be henceforth adopted and used. I am not sure what it takes to be acknowledged as a term in the urban dictionary, I assume a lot less than the OED where they have to see evidence that it is widely used in print or online, but with the recent trend to silence those writing about sex online, I won’t hold my breath for its inclusion in either.

What I love about Dom Rod is that I really bloody love Dom Rod. I have wanted a term to describe it for a long time because it does funny things to me. Perhaps it sounds a bit odd to say that the erection gained via acts of Dominance and submission is different to other erections but for me, being on the receiving end of one (possibly literally) it really is. I think it is because being Dominated is my thing. It’s my kink. Of all the kinks there are to try, this is the one which will work for me every time. I love being submissive and I love the way that it makes me feel, but Dominance and being Dominated is what turns me on.

So to see HisLordship become turned on by it too just takes that feeling and squares it. Seeing the evidence in such a visual way that HL is as turned on by what he is doing to me as I am by what he is doing to me is quite literally, horny as hell. Those looks (melt), that voice (meltier), those humiliating orders (I am liquid). Let me catch sight of the beginnings of a Dom Rod straining against the seam of his jeans, or even better to feel his full blown Dom Rod pushing against me, and I’m a nothing more than a messy puddle for him.

In addition, as is often the way with this sort of play, I can sometimes worry that he is having to spend too much time on me. Although he has reassured me on countless occasions that this is not the case, that niggling thought can creep in and take a seat on the bench of my mind. Out, out, damned thought. I am being played with and you are not welcome. However, despite the fact it has no place there, that blessed thought may sit and taunt me, pulling me back into my mind rather than allowing me to stand up and walk away. Enter the Dom Rod who would quickly offer to duel with the bad thought, but fortunately it has scarpered at the mere rise of the stiffening cock.

Knowing that you are with a partner who is turned on by you is huge. Knowing that you can be turned on by them at the drop of a bottle a lube is equally as colossal. But the beauty of a mutual kink which turns you both on in equal measure transcends both of those. It is the making of a shared space where you both luxuriate in a joint ecstasy that is owned only by the two of you. That feeling of yes we are weird but it feels so good to be this bad is one that can be hard to beat.

But enough of all the hyperbole I hear you say. Dom Rod? Yes please. I will encourage it and welcome it all the way into the annals of the dictionary, urban, Oxford or other.


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  1. “I love being submissive and I love the way that it makes me feel, but Dominance and being Dominated is what turns me on.” So…when all this happens but the male is the sub, is that a Sub Rod? ? Yeah…not the same ring.

    But anyway, you’re right when you talk about the turn on from being dominated (and especially the right humiliation) verses a “normal” turn on. So different! Just as you can see what it’s doing to HL, My Queen gets to see the impact of her dominance on me. She’s still surprised by the visible effect just a conversation or remark can have!

  2. Sun squelch? Sub squish? Sub chub? Sub nub? Lol, now I have something to think about while on the treadmill! Good job to Purple Sole and Littlegem!

  3. “Yes we are weird but it feels so good to be this bad”

    Love it! Sir and I have definitely had some of those moments. We feel so closely connected at those times.

    Dom Rod and sub nub are now part of my vocabulary…..

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