• Thank you. The original was bigger but I cropped it to get the shape. I have been going to use it before to say something different so I understand what you mean.

      • In one way it seems quite submissive and vulnerable pose, but on the other hand you look ready to pounce and strike. Catching your breath after a chase or ready to run? So much ambiguity it’s wonderful.

        • Ah yes. I see what you mean. I feel vulnerable hence the words I chose but I like the thought of the chase. I have wondered what that would be like before.

    • I think sometimes it isn’t until you publish something that you appreciate what others see in it. I suppose it is the same with writing. Thank you 🙂

  1. Perhaps my favourite image of you. Fully seen but completely anonymous! Primal and wild but sift and submissive! Many interpretations and yet regardless of what the viewer thinks—beautiful!

    • Thank you Molly. I find the feral side quite sexy. We have never fully explored it but I would like to push past where I am comfortable and see where that goes ?

  2. There is such a feral feel to this, raw and needy.

    We were discussing trips away next year, now I’m determined to come up and join you in the wild!

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