Advent 2020

Elf on the Shelf

Actually it is more a case of Elf on the bondage bench but it didn’t seem to have quite the same ring.  Day 8 of our D/s Advent Calendar saw the return of the Naughty Elf with the instruction below:
missy as the naughty christmas elf on a bondage bench8 – Naughty Elf . Uh oh – Elf’s back. The naughty Christmas Elf is up to no-good again! A regular visitor to the bedroom during seasonal (and other) times, this is a role that we have a lot of fun playing with. Mischief and adventure here we come.

Now the Elf can be pretty feisty and can put up quite a fight at times, but as with every tale of Dominance and submission it usually ends up with ultimate surrender. Poor elf ended up being overpowered by the stronger force of HL and was firmly put in place on his play table. Luckily for Elf, the naughtiness of mischief quickly turned to the naughtiness of pleasure and pain, and so really it ended up as a rather pleasant capture.


I couldn’t decide between these images so have included them both. We used a cloth backdrop which didn’t really work out so I have edited the light and added a filter. The image below is unedited and I quite liked it but becasue you couldn’t see the whole picture, I wasn’t sure it would make sense on its own.

To see all the other fabulous Sinful Sunday images, please kiss the lips below:

Sinful Sunday
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  1. I love the cropped edit the best as I think you can tell exactly what’s happening, and the string colours and composition is sexy and dramatic, although the others make you look small, like an elf! Should’ve donned this to your work ‘do’ lol x

    • Thanks kis. I liked that one best too as an image but wasn’t sure it went with what was written. I didn’t actually crop it as it was taken like that. Hehe. Imagine that on a work night out. Not quite ready for that lol

  2. What a very sexy naughty elf and actually my favourite image is the last one, I love the close up of the socks and the glimpse between your legs


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