pine needle play

Pine Needle Play

pine needle play2 – Pine Needle Play
Pine Needles of different variety will be needed for this festive scene! Plenty of sharp medical grade needles will be employed to give missy some Ho Ho Ho of her own!

I feel you pinch my skin and I wait. I feel vulnerable and weak. I have agreed to this although it scares me and I lie still as I wait for the pain. I try to relax, letting my muscles go as you rub and tuck. Pull and tease.

Your gloved hand feels strange and the rubbery sound it makes pulls another memory to me. I twinge inside and then the coldness of the wipe skims across me – there, and there, and there. And I wait again, my body tensing with my mind.

“Relax. Just relax.” And you speak so softly it is almost whispered, a dark rumble.

You pinch again and I imagine I feel the cold of the metal, but I don’t of course. I feel the graze and I wonder what I am doing and why do I want this as it pushes through and how long will it last and then I notice it has stopped. So then I stop. And then I relax.

A little thrill shivers over me.

And I wait again as you choose your next spot. Unsure. Are you unsure? I am unsure. And I think about that and about what could happen and decide that nothing much can happen and it is there again, the graze and the sharp pain and the picture of the pinched skin between your fingers is a snapshot and I breathe out.

Another little thrill shivers over me.

And this is the pattern, as you make your pattern, on my skin. This is how it goes with the tension and the graze and the thrill and the breathing and the shiver of pain and the slice of the cold adrenaline and the heat that builds and the way my body lets go and starts to fall away.

You are talking to me and telling me how it looks. You are touching and pressing and I am caught between wanting more and not. And wondering if I should speak. Wondering if I can still speak. And the knowing and the not knowing.

But when I feel your fingers there, I know. I know that I am lost and that it won’t take long. I know that you know when you feel how I am, and you feel that my body bears no resistance at all. My mind has focussed everything somewhere else and it has left me. I am open and wanton.



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  1. I like the way you include your “Are you unsure…?” momentary stream-of-consciousness.

    We all have an inner voice (or five) that talks us through (or into) things, and it’s such a natural thing to mentally sift through the …?… and !!! and #@$&! that *that* part of the processing (of an event, an emotion, a risk, a response) sometimes gets overlooked.

    • Thank you. For me the letting go is part of moving past the inner voice (or voices) so it is a big part. Trying not to give those thoughts time and when things move quickly like this it is easier to see that the have no control over the actions or, ideally, the responses. Thank you. I am glad that it came across as I was worried it would seem like it didn’t make sense ?

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