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November Review SoSS #8

November SoSSNovember has been a whirl and I cannot believe that Christmas has crept closer so quickly. My blogging years so far have been met with an advent project for December in previous years but I am really not organised this year and unsure what to do. 2016 saw my submissive advent calendar where I sent a gift to HL each day, and then in 2017 we tried a D/s version where we took it day about.  Although it was a lot of work and planning, it was also good for us so I am hoping that I am struck with a sudden flash of inspiration as to what to do this year.

Anyway, on to the point of this post which is to highlight some of the writing that I have really enjoyed this month. One of the first posts is The Curious Mermaid who writes about ‘sexuality, kink and open relationships’, all topics which interest me. She only began her blog in September but has written a lot of content in such a short space of time. It is always good when starting out to find examples of real life tips which are based on experience and her post, My path into being a submissive, Part 1: How NOT to find a Dominant, does exactly that.

Another great read this month was Girl on the Net’s post, Love without Limits. In this post she examines the topic of polyamory which has been placed under the microscope of Louis Theroux in his recent documentary. Having had to sustain a very one-sided and ill-informed analysis at work, I was interested to read what her take was. As usual, in her own unique and very entertaining style, she was able to articulate all of the things that I wish I had been able to in the staff room. Thought provoking and interesting, I can recommend this post if you haven’t read it already.

I came across a piece called The Two Michaels on Pain as Pleasure’s blog which was written for remembrance day and it really hit a spot for me. It was poignant, reflective and personal and it changed my mood to one which was solemn but necessary, bringing a lump to my throat. It becomes harder and harder each year to take time out of our busy lives to remember the significance of things from the past and I am thankful that reading this post made me connect what has been with what is right here in front of us.

I have highlighted Purple Gem before but these posts tickled me. Welcome to the Jungle is by Purple Sole and Room 114 is written by his wife, and sub, little gem. In these posts they write about the same event, a role play scene where she is a prostitute and he picks her up in his car, taking her back to a hotel. There are a few things that I love about this. Firstly the attention to detail – this is a real life role play complete with street corner (previously checked out for safety) and premier inn. Secondly, I love the real way in which their tale unravels. I know that some reading thought it was an erotic story but the fact that it is fact makes it even better for me. Add to this the insight into the differing ways of the male versus female mind, and these posts score on every count.

Furcissy is back and his writing is flowing again. As someone who has helped me to de-mystify not only aspects of D/s but also aspects of myself and my own submission, I am certainly glad to see him writing again. His recent post More submissive mental space and swimming pools fun poses some interesting explanation along with some interesting questions about mental spaces, and has left me thinking about how my own space works. As a blogger who has been writing for a long time, he has covered a lot of these topics before but always brings new experience and a fresh slant to them which is something that I appreciate.

So that brings me to the end of November and almost to the end of my November review. As you know, for the best part of this year, I have been posting images and taking part in the weekly Sinful Sunday meme.  On that theme, Focused and Filthy is a new blog which contains artistic, interesting and beautiful images and I really wanted to highlight it. Each week I am inspired by her work and, unlike me and many of the others, she is photographer as well as model so all credit to her. Placed in Molly’s  new voice awards, along with 7 other fantastic blogs, if you are interested in erotic photography then this is a good place to start.

And speaking of Molly’s new voice awards, her Top 100 Sex Blogs 2018 is out and I am on there – Woooohoooo. Congratulations to all those placed, including the fantastic Rebel’s Notes who topped in at a very well deserved first place. Thank you to all who took the time to nominate and, of course to the gorgeous Molly for everything she does to help, encourage and support us all.

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