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Thank You

The prompt this week for food for thought is being thankful. Thanksgiving isn’t a celebration that we have here in Scotland, but I am lucky enough to know some very lovely people here in blogland who are from the US and who do celebrate. Honestly, I have lots to be thankful for and there seemed so much that I didn’t know where to start. But then it hit me that out of all the exciting content relevant to my blog, the thing I was most thankful for was you. So thank you to you.

It is hard to explain what you mean. I write for myself but I do also write with you in mind. I think about you reading and wonder what you will think. I imagine sometimes your shock or your pleasure or your disbelief or your approval and that can inspire and shape what I write. I go back over what I have written and I tweak it and correct it and I try to make it better for you. Most of all what I hope for is that something I say will connect with something in you.

The fact that you are not one but many, unknown, known and partly known, means that there is variety in what I imagine. What suits one doesn’t always suit another and so I anticipate your differing reactions to the same thing and that allows me to check and evaluate and alter at times. I try to talk to you honestly and openly in the hope that I will gain your understanding if nothing else. And because my blog is a big part of who I am, you also become important to me despite the fact that we may never come any closer than that split second we share on here.

I cannot overemphasise how important you have become. Knowing you are there has allowed me this space to think out loud and to grow as a person. Even in your silence you have taught me things about myself and when you have spoken you have brought that about even more. You have given me a voice and that has allowed me to continue to speak. It has meant that I am motivated to learn more and to develop further by sharing this journey with you as I go.

So when I think about giving thanks within this forum, my thanks has to go to you as I would not be here without you. Thank you to anyone who is reading this. Thank you for your time, your attention and your input. Thank you for reading what I have written and, if you do, for taking the time to comment. I am lucky enough to feel that I have got to know some of you through the comments and those are relationships that I value. I came across ‘Love our Lurkers’ a few years ago and thought what a great thing that was as a way to acknowledge those who read without making themselves known. So THANK YOU to readers, to commenters, to lurkers and to followers.

F4TFriday #75 – Being Thankful


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  1. You’re welcome ☺

    But thank you for your words that guide us, that help us find meaning. That allow us to explore who we really are. You make us feel comfortable to be and to do what we otherwise wouldn’t understand. You give us the wings and allow us to soar within our own relationships. You speak but you also listen, we feel so much better to be heard. If only there was more missy’s in the world, it’d be a much happier, kinkier place.

  2. No, thank YOU Missy. Your beautifully written posts both inspire and challenge my thoughts and leave me feeling less alone in feeling the way I do. I do not comment often as I’m not a strong wordsmith and I find it difficult to translate what I want to say on to paper, but I lurk to read every post. Your posts empower me to explore my own thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I ask Sir to read the posts that mirror my own emotions so that he can better understand me. In this way you are helping us to strengthen our relationship. I am sure that you are doing the same for many lurkers out there too. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for writing. Some days what you write really helps me in my own submission and I share with my Sir what you like and it’s helped us grow. We are from the U.S. so happy belated thanksgiving

    • And a happy thanksgiving to you too. How great to have that extra celebration. I am holding our for Christmas here and the time to chill with family and just take a breath. I am so pleased that you find what I have written helpful. Sincerest thanks ?

  4. I know you didn’t think it to be the case but your words have always inspired and informed me and if I’ve not said it enough then or enough now know it to be true, you inspire and mentor so many, thank you for sharing that x

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