Ask me

“Ask me,” he said.

She squirmed and flipped inside, her stomach seeming to twist in on itself.  He carried on what he was doing, his finger pressing firmly against her. His kisses were forceful and she felt like her entire body was open to him, well almost.

“I know what you want. You are absolutely soaking and I can feel you twitching so it’s not as if you need to be embarrassed.”

It was true. She could feel herself do it as an immediate response to what he had said and she tried really hard to make her mouth form the words. The heat seemed to rise within her and she teetered on the edge of shouting it out at him but something held her back. It felt so hard. Impossible. Her head was confused and she was trapped within the confliction she felt.

“I’m not going to do it unless you ask me, and if you don’t do it soon I am going to stop, so it’s up to you. You know I want to do this to you, for you, but you have to ask me because I want to hear you say it.”

She felt his hand move and then the wand moved up a notch and she fought to keep from spilling out. She tilted and writhed and moved outside herself a little more, trying to distance herself from her body.

“Don’t do that,” he said. “You know that you can’t fight this and you know that you are going to give in. I know that this is hard for you and that is why it means so much that you do this for me. In a minute I am going to kiss you again, and when I stop I am going to listen very carefully to you telling me what you need me to do to you, and then I will listen to you come.”

And as he kissed her, he pushed the wand down on her and she felt herself shift and flush with heat. She was desperate for the release that she knew he could bring and as his finger pressed against her, reminding her of his control over her, she squeezed her eyes together and spoke.

“Please Sir, I want your finger inside me.”

The silence seemed to settle making the world pause, she felt her heart begin to sink at his anticipated disappointment.

“In my arse. I want you to fuck my arse!” she shouted.

In that moment everything changed and she soared, released by her request. She heard him laugh and speak but she no longer recognised the words, and as he pushed inside her she was lost to what she was. And somewhere in the distance she thought she heard someone cry out as her body gave itself to him, and she let go of the final pieces of herself.

Friday Flash #32 – listen

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    • It is something that I find so hard and usually don’t actually do so I can relate to the anguish. Thank you. missy xx

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