Electromagnetic Spanking - missy over HL's knee with photo filter

Electromagnetic Spanking

Electromagnetic spanking - missy over HL's knee with electromagnetic filter

Ready for some electromagnetic spanking?

Draped across your knee, pulled into your magnetic field, I feel your charge. Skirt lifted, knickers lowered, you bring my skin slowly to life as you rub and stroke and nip. You ignite me with your words, rewiring my brain and connecting it, through my body, to you. Earthed and grounded by you, you know I am yours and you begin to spank me, gently at first but building to firmer blows which rain down on me. Your movements are power and they fill me and ignite me, fusing me to you as your current passes through me and we become one.

You continue and I feel the surge within me begin to build. The slow electrification of nerves and synapses pulls me closer and closer to you and switches my body on in places which seem unconnected to the movement. The strikes are harder now and the intermittent shock causes a spike, heat pinpointing and then travelling outwards. I am live. We are live, and the current which flows between us is palpable, almost visible. An arc begins to form and I am so close to you, so much part of you that you feel it come. You see the connection and you channel the energy, creating a seal around us as I pulse and jolt, electrified by you.

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  1. The colors in this are magnificent! It’s great how they make every part of the image stand out. Also, this makes me desperately want a good spanking. 🙂

    • We have tried some electro play firstly with a pad system and secondly with a violet wand. The pads were more like a tens type feeling and didn’t do much for me and the wand was a cheap one that HL bought and it was very noisy and didn’t seem to have much of an impact.

      We saw the electrastim toys at Eroticon last year and were able to try them out on our hands. That felt much more like the sort of thing I would enjoy so it is on the list to buy, although we haven’t done so yet. If you want to check them out they are at https://www.electrastim.com

      I think that with electro play it is probably worth paying a bit more. ?

  2. love all the colors in this picture, it is so fun, almost science-y. plus, you can tell which parts are warmest! the spanked parts. well done!

  3. Thank you for the information, Missy. I find it hardly shocking that you are a legitimate authority on these matters. I guess I need to find an Eroticon and take my extra large grocery basket! xox

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