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I feel quite embarrassed to be writing this post. I have hummed and hawed a bit but decided that it was silly not to say what was on my mind. As you know, I started this blog as a way of documenting my journey as a married submissive. This was prompted by a desire to share my own experience with others in the hope that I might learn from them and they might learn from me. In actual fact the very process of blogging has allowed me to learn lots of things about myself and about our Dominant submissive relationship due to the level of reflection that it requires. In addition, I have been able to connect with many other like-minded people and not only learn through sharing with them, but also build friendships with them.

For the first year or so of blogging, the majority of the people I exchanged comments with were based in the US and it is still the case that more of my views come from the US than any other country, including the UK. I suppose that D/s is pretty transferable and that really it doesn’t matter whether you are based in Australia, Africa or Asia, we all face the same sorts of ups and downs in our relationships. Earlier this year, however, my eyes were opened to a large group of bloggers who were based in the UK. The decision to attend Eroticon last year, meant that HL and I got to meet many of these people face to face and came to see ourselves as being part of this amazing sex blogging community. I had never before thought of myself as a sex blogger, or even really as a blogger, I was just me, doing my thing and hoping that someone somewhere might connect with it.

Anyway, a month or so ago I received an email saying that submissy had been nominated for the UK Blog Awards. I had seen discussion of this on Twitter and knew that it was a pretty big competition and an even bigger deal as 2019 is the first time there has been a sex blog category. I felt really honoured that someone had gone to the bother of nominating my blog and so completed the entry form sent to me, not expecting to hear any more about it. I was honestly shocked when I received notification that submissy had made it onto the shortlist, especially as many of the bloggers I look up to and admire are also part of the final selection.

For me, this sort of recognition is huge and I am delighted that I have got this far. To be included with sex bloggers who have been around much longer than me and contribute so much to the community is really quite something. This brings me to the voting and my own north east hangups about blowing my own proverbial trumpet. Essentially, if you enjoy my blog and like what I do then I would be really thrilled if you would vote for me by looking through the sex blog entries, finding the entry for my blog and clicking on the heart. No matter the outcome, I am delighted that I have made it this far and also that someone from this great community will be recognised for their contribution to blogging. We seem so often to be pushed out of the public view, so to have our voices heard feels really good.

The list of categories for the UK Blog Awards can be found here.

UK Blog Award Banner


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  1. I too could not believe it when I got nominated – I have thought about doing a post like this and I will – I just don’t know what to write 😉 Really wishing you well and have very much enjoyed your posts over the last year x

    • Awww thank you so much. It’s a bit intimidating being among such big names tbh and I am just thrilled to have made it so far. I wish you all the best too. I wish we could vote for more than one as there are loads of people I would like to support. As long as one of them wins that is good with me.

  2. I would very much like to vote for you, but I do not see how to do it. I followed the provided link to your page, but do not see the “heart” I am to click on to vote. Will you check to be sure it is working? I will check back later. Good luck!!!

  3. Missy I love your blog for its raw honesty and it’s sheer eroticism. Your photos are tantalisingly beautiful. Lucky you and luckier HL. Have voted for your blog. Hope you win.


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