Worn Different - missy in docs in the woods

Worn Different

Missy naked in docs in the woods

Dr. Martens Worn Different campaign is about celebrating diversity and individuality by focussing on people with a unique style who are connected by their rebellious spirit.

I think that I appear very ‘normal’ to others. In some situations this can be a good thing but in others it is not. I don’t think any of us are ever completely what we seem and I like that we all have a hidden side underneath which you only discover properly when you really get to know someone.  Underneath I do feel different, so here I am naked and exposed outdoors, celebrating my own rebellious spirit.

To find out who else is sinning this Sunday, please kiss the lips below:

Sinful Sunday
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  1. Damn. You should be the poster girl for Doc Martens. I’d buy a pair!! And I’m certain I wouldn’t be alone. And honestly—this is almost a G rated picture. All that’s seen is a little side leg skin. Delightful and certainly viewable by the general public!!

    • Aww thank you Cara. I have an idea in my mind but HL takes the pictures so they aren’t always as I plan lol. He is pretty enthusiastic about it though and is interested in learning more and I am grateful to him. ?

  2. I love everything about this image…You exposed yourself in the purity of nature, and added one single item that represents YOU…Awesome combination!!

  3. Love the pic, Missy! Two contrasting ideas of nature: the ‘practical outdoors’ of dressing up to conquer it, wearing stout boots, and the natural nudity in harmony with it.

  4. I am so with you on that: none of us are only what you see on the outside, or only on one place in our worlds. I am different at home from what I am at work, different in different situations, and still all of those pieces are me. Love this image!

    Rebel xox

    • Yes I know what you mean about the different faces. Sometimes I feel more united than other times and I think I have had a period where I feel like the two parts are more separate, which probably was partly the thought behind the image 🙂

  5. I could wax lyrical about the composition and the contrasting colours but the best thing in this is the fun factor and the incredibly precious memories of the years wearing DMs I hold, mine had purple laces. So thank you for that alone x

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