Scent to test us written on a card

Scent to test us

Scent to test us written on a cardIt has long been accepted that a person’s natural scent can make up part of what attracts others to them. According to the science this is down to the fact that people use body odour or scent to subconsciously identify how likely a potential mate will be to pass on positive traits to their children; it can be an indicator not just of genetic quality but also of health and reproductive success so subconsciously we are programmed to use these animal instincts to give us the best chance of success in that area.  The scent that is being subconsciously analysed in this way contains information about the person’s MHC (major histocompatibility complex) genes.

According to Psychology Today, ‘how women rate a man’s body odour pleasantness and sexiness depends upon how much of their MHC profile is shared. Overall, women prefer those scents exuded by men whose MHC profiles varied the most from their own. Hence, any given man’s odour could be pleasingly alluring to one woman, yet an offensive turnoff to another.’ Interestingly enough, taking the contraceptive pill reverses the natural response so women may find that they are attracted to men with similar profiles to themselves thereby fooling their natural responses.  Well I have definitely made some dodgy choices in my time but as I don’t take the pill it seems I can’t use that as the reason! Perhaps the smell of Armani Pour Homme threw me off?

Actually, to view attraction on the procreative basis of the natural urge to reproduce with a mate, leaves me unclear as to what happens with regard to attraction for same sex couples. That aside, it does seem difficult in this day and age when we try our very best to disguise and suppress any natural odours with fragrances, perfumes and scents that there would be very much to indicate genetic compatibility left to smell, but I suppose where there is a will there is a way.  It is recommended that to try it out, you declare a ‘deception free day for the nostrils’ where you wear clean cotton and avoid using anything with a fragrance on your skin and then have a ‘smell down’.

Personally, I have always had a keen sense of smell and can find certain odours difficult to take at times. The smell of pupils drying out slowly in a classroom on a rainy day, for example, can put more than a dampener on my day. I have a habit of sniffing things before use, especially when I am somewhere unfamiliar so I do think that perhaps there is a little bit of the instinctive urge to keep myself safe in a sort of primitive way. I also like to smell the people I see as being my own. I loved the smell of my babies and would breathe them in, feeling myself relax to the smell of something familiar and pleasant. I suppose this could be a maternal thing and even though they are grown now, I still like the smell of them, which does sound a bit weird and I wouldn’t tell them that I do it.

With HisLordship things are more straightforward. He is happy that I breath on his skin to warm it and then enjoy the scent that is emitted. I love to bury myself into him and breathe him in so that I feel we are almost one. Although when we first met, I enjoyed the smell of his aftershave and the washing powder smell that belonged to him, it has grown into something deeper. A single mum with three young kids, more procreation couldn’t have been further from my mind so it was probably more the fragrant promise of lots of kinky sex which drew me in. However, his natural smell is really attractive to me and if he asks me to masturbate for him, the smell of him when he moves in close will definitely push me over the edge.

Although not keen on my own scent, the smell of him on my hands and my body after sex is really arousing and I am drawn to it, propelling me back in my memory to the encounter we had. If we have managed to sneak some naughty time together then, once back in my vanilla setting, I will casually sniff my fingers for any trace of him, drawn to the almost addictive qualities which it emits. The smell of him is familiar as well as being sexy and it calms and reassures me. There is nothing I love more than being enveloped in his hug, taking a deep breath, closing my eyes, and just sighing it back out again. He smells like home and safety and although our relationship is all about me being his, he smells like he is mine.

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  1. Oh I love your fun outlook on the history of scents for men and women and what it does or doesn’t do! ?
    As well as your lovely insight to you and your man. ?❤️

  2. Very interesting about rejecting on the sense of smell – i can see that could be the case thou – i did know that about the pill and of course as i mention in my post, perfumes may have pheromones in them – it is a mind field! x

  3. I am the same way with HD! He teases me about it, but I swear I am addicted to his scent. When he’s at work I snuggle with his pillow and bury my nose in his side of the bed. I slept with his shirt when I was in the hospital last because it made me feel safe and secure. I keep sending him articles about why I find his scent alluring but he still teases me about it. Your post is just further proof that I am not as weird as he claims. 😛

    When we first started dating I wasn’t on the pill and now I am, but I haven’t noticed any sort of shift.

  4. Yes, yes absolutely this
    “He smells like home and safety and although our relationship is all about me being his, he smells like he is mine.”
    I love how Michael smells and his scent is both sexy and comforting


  5. I love the scientific facts you have given here. Pheromones really is a thing, and the attraction to people has to do with that too, but we do mask our natural pheromones with bathing and using soaps and perfumes. I also believe it’s not only pheromones that determine the attraction, but also the personality of a person, because if someone subconsciously smells very good to us, but is an absolute ass, I don’t think there will be any attraction. But, I might be wrong, because even I in my time was attracted to the ‘wrong’ people…

    I absolutely love the last sentence here!

    Rebel xox

    • Thanks Rebel. And I agree – it has to be a combination of loads of factors really. I am not sure how much smell has directed me choosing partners – the personality is the biggest pull for me too.

  6. I love the smell of Mr Man. Even if he needs a shower I don’t find him stinky, his scent is just stronger. I agree that last sentence is awesome and so true.

    • Yes I am the same Beth. I think that when you fall out of love too then a person’s smell can become a really unattractive one.

  7. I’ve never really thought about the role of smell in things, but as certain smells trigger memories it makes total sense. I don’t think I smell all that great personally thought Michael says I smell like vanilla so that’s interesting as I can’t smell that

    • I don’t think we can smell ourselves really. And I am laughing about you smelling vanilla. It is a lovely smell but not the complete you lol 🙂

  8. I remember reading research like this (saying that hormonal birth control fucks up our sense of smell) long ago and thinking that perhaps if I hadn’t been on the pill for twenty years, I might have made some smarter dating choices. ><

  9. The smell of sex used to be something that I did not like, I found it kind of repulsive. Over the last year as My Sir and I have become closer and closer through our D/s, I have begun to enjoy the smell of our sex. I now love the smell of our lovemaking that is left. I now love the smell that lingers to remind me of how our bodies met, mingled, and melted together.

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