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Sex Toy Tales – the anal twister

Picture of anal twister - glass twisted dildoI am waiting on the bed when he comes in and am positioned like he has told me.  He smiles and I close my eyes.
“I am going to have fun with you tonight,” he says, and turning locks the door behind him. It is done intentionally, part as threat, part as promise and part as reassurance – he knows me so well.
He starts touching me, stroking his fingers across my naked body in circular motions, down my back and across my bum cheeks. He pauses and my mind clicks in, sensing something.
“I love your arse,” he says, “but I seem to have neglected it for a while.”
He continues, his movements getting rougher as he sort of pinches my skin between his fingers and rubs and slaps me a bit.
“I am going to have to fix that,” he whispers in my ear.

I feel my insides clench and tingle at the thought and my breath catches, which I know that he has heard.
“You like me touching you like this, don’t you dirty girl?” he whispers again, with his finger pressing against my arsehole.
I murmur a little but he isn’t going to let me off.
“Say it,” he coaxes and I force the words out, feeling my face flush a little.
“Yes Sir.”
“Good because I am going to touch you and play with you and get you ready for me.”

He continues to play with me and kisses me as I relax into his pleasure. His fingers find my clit and he touches it lightly, creating an ache for him that feels like it will consume me. He stops and I hear the sound of him putting on a glove. I push my face into the pillow and then I feel the coldness of the lube as he drops it onto me and it trickles slowly down the crack of my bum. He works steadily, teasing and playing with me, talking to me and reassuring me that I am doing well. He comments on the way that my body is reacting and I feel myself blush again.

He has created a need in me and I feel that I am starting to melt into the mattress when he tells me that he plans to use the twister on me. I groan, giving myself away but at the same time I feel embarrassed about wanting what is about to happen. He knows that I won’t tell him what I want so he uses it against me anyway, telling me how ready I am and describing what he is going to do. The twister is made of glass and I feel its cool hardness pushing against my opening.
“Relax,” he says and I do, at the same time pushing back to let the dildo enter me.
Adding more lube, he begins to very slowly twist and push, turning the glass as it disappears inside bit by bit.

The humiliation I feel at his comments mix with the feeling of being very gently opened up and it is almost more than I can bear. I am moaning and writhing under his touch and I push myself into the bed, my legs parting to make space for what he is doing as I grind and move.
“Good girl. You are doing really well. Just a few more twists and we are there.”
It becomes too much and I am pleading saying I think I am going to come.
“Please. Please!” and I puff and pant a bit and hold off until I can hold no more.

“You look so beautiful like this. So dirty with a large piece of glass sticking out of your arse,” he says, and that is the final push that I need.
I don’t care anymore about anything and I feel the orgasm build and wash over me in gasps. It becomes more and more intense and I don’t want to be feeling like this but I don’t want it to stop and it pushes me over the edge. I buck and ride it as he twists the thing inside of me and imagine how it looks which sends my higher. I am shuddering and shaking and twitching as he continues to touch me and I know that with the toy still inside of me, this is just the start.

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    • It isn’t as long as it looks in the picture – 8 inches (20cm). It came from Geek and HL has bought quite a few from there. He is a bit of a collector ?

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