Naked with butterfly wings in a clearing in a wood

Becoming a Butterfly

Becoming a butterflyThe Sinful Sunday prompt this week is transmogrify which means to transform in a surprising or magical manner. The butterfly is associated with symbolism of change and transformation so it seemed apt for the prompt as well as to illustrate how I feel about my own personal transformation. Within literature, the butterfly has often been used to represent a powerful transformation or metamorphosis in someone’s life or personality; for me both of these are true as the changes which have taken place feel really significant to me.

The butterfly is also symbolic of moving through different life cycles and is associated with renewal and rebirth. Again this is something that feels like a good fit as the lifestyle I live feels as though it brings about a breaking or shattering of things I have long since held onto in order to allow me to evolve and grow, reborn as someone stronger and better somehow. I mean this in a positive sense as the slow undoing is what I need in order to be free and to feel truly alive.

Another thing I love about the butterfly symbolism is the idea of lightness and playfulness. From the darkness of a chrysalis this beautiful creature appears and, again, that is something that I can relate to in terms of how I feel about the changes that have taken place in my life. Being able to explore my lighter more playful side has come from the fact that I feel safe and cared for and so am able to let go of the things that have previously held me back which is a great feeling.

Finally, the butterfly is symbolic of being able to tune into something more emotional or spiritual, and this would fit in with how I feel about the play aspects of our D/s relationship. I have never had the sort of sex before that we have now and I don’t really mean that in terms of the things that we do, kinky or otherwise. It is the huge emotional commitment and connection. The complete intimacy and absorbing intensity which feels otherworldly to me. It is hard to explain although I do often try as I think for me these are the elements which mark it out as being something different to anything which has gone before.

Ultimately to be stood naked, in a clearing facing the world wearing only a sheer butterfly cape, marks out the point of my transformation I am at. I have certainly not reached the end point and feel that I have a lot of growth yet to come. I am eager for the cycles of renewal and rebirth and embrace the chance to be lighter, more playful and also more connected with my emotions. I would not say that my metamorphosis or transformation is complete as I feel I am still at the emerging stage but I do celebrate in the fact that it is definitely underway.

I have used the idea of wearing this butterfly wing cape out in public in a previous post, Beauty Queen.

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  1. This is gorgeous! I really love the way the light is shining through that beautiful cape and the colors are stunning! Well done!! 🙂

  2. We are all in progress…to becoming something more, something better…a truer version or ourselves. Truth be told, not all are in that progress. Some have settled. Some will never morph although they will live long in the “wrong form”. Count yourself blessed to be among those who are growing, changing, and discovering their true selves.

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