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Missy’s October Review – #SoSS 7

October Sharing Banner for Missy's SoSSHere we are, almost at the end of October and the best laid plans find me posting my monthly share a day later than I had hoped. It has been a busy few weeks and I have made some changes to the look and layout of my site (big thanks to @Domsigns). I hope that it will be easier to navigate now but although it makes sense in my head, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to follow for others, so I would welcome any feedback and thoughts that you have.

Working on the site has taken up quite a bit of time so I didn’t get to write and read as much as I had imagined during my two weeks off work. However, I still found some brilliant pieces which I wanted to highlight and pass on for those who may not have already seen them. So here goes with the sharing part of my post:

The piece Lily by Hannah Lockhardt really bowled me over. The way that I was drawn into the story and her description of the growing connection and arousal between the two women, leading to a hot encounter was really superb. I would love to be able to write like this, but reading something this good is definitely the next best thing.

The post Selfishness by The Library of Nell is another which really struck me in terms of the beauty of the writing. Her description of the encounter and the memory of it was something really special and I would urge you to have a read if you have not done so already.

I know that The post Men Should STFU by Bibulous One has been linked already on quite a few other blogs, but I think that is because what he says is so significant. Once in a while you read something that makes you really question your own behaviour and think about how you might change things very slightly to make a difference, and this is a piece which definitely does that.

Quinn Rhodes is a blogger who I have only come across quite recently but I am really enjoying the range of variety in terms if the things which she writes. The post Exposed hit all the spots for me in terms of spelling out exactly what it is that draws me to erotic humiliation play.

The final piece I wanted to link is I am not Submissive which is written by Wild West Angel. I have always loved Angel’s open and honest writing and this piece echoes many of the thoughts that go through my own mind sometimes. Angel has recently made her original blog private and this post is one of the first on her new blog, Waterbound Girl.

I really hope that you enjoy reading some of these pieces and also join in with trying to share some of the great pieces of writing which are being done by other erotic writers and sex bloggers.

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