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Hunting the Deer Woman

He had hunted the deer long and hard through the forest but it had seemingly evaded him. Tired and fed up, Fionn turned to retrace his steps, his dogs Bran and Sceolan, at his heel.  Suddenly he entered a clearing and saw it there, the doe. He readied himself quietly raising his bow and drawing it slowly towards him. But although he could hardly fathom what was happening before his eyes, he noticed Bran and Sceolan go to her, as if they recognised her.

He remained quiet, transfixed by the doe and the power she held over his dogs, who now knelt at her feet between her and Fionn.  Strange as it was, he watched while things became still stranger. In front of his very eyes the deer seemed to sparkle and transform.  Although he blinked over and again and shook his head lest he could bring some sense into himself, he could not change the fact she was now a women.  Made of human flesh, seemingly as his own, she turned her antlers towards him and met his gaze.

If you wish to read more, this story is continued here: Protect me and set me free.

Sinful Sunday
Acknowledgement: The story of Fionn and the deer woman is part of Celtic myth and legend
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  1. I love this rustic, almost folk tale-like sensation I’m getting off the paragraph of words. I need to read the full story.

    Oh – and that picture is beautiful. It’s a gorgeous angle and the light brings to it this sensual mythical quality. Never mind the delightful exposed nipple!

    • Yay. Thank you. I am really pleased as this wasn’t the one I wanted to use but people still seem to have liked it ?

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