Sixty nine

Sixty Nine – or the suck, f**k and buzz

cartoon of fred and partner in a sixty nine positionWe are partial to the sixty nine. It is not a position that I was ever all that keen on prior to this current relationship, but it is our go-to now. Usually the sixty nine will form part of the play that we do in one form or another, often as foreplay or directly before penetrative sex, but it has is also become a well used standalone for us too. It offers us comfort, ease and rarely lets us down. It is one of the most intimate positions that there is and therefore it brings a closeness and is a real connector for us which is why we use it on a regular basis.

While it is a bit of a win win for sexual interaction as far as we are concerned, it has become a bit of a fall back. We don’t have the time or energy to engage in full on BDSM play as much as we would like to and although we are able to scene at home, having the time and space to do it away from home on a hotel date, makes for a more successful experience. The play that we do at home tends to be more of a one stop shop of play and although the range is full  in terms of what we could choose, it is more of a main dish served with trimmings rather than the full five courser or a tasting menu.

Oral play features high on the list of what we want to do for each other.  Again, though not something that previously either of us enjoyed that much, together it just seems to hit the spot. The access for dual play of this nature is easy in this position, so that is another big tick in its favour. And while on the topic of access, it also provides the ideal opportunity for fingers to wander and explore, resulting in a pretty delicious smorgasbord of erotic touch.

I am not sure that technically we have our position to demonstration standard as we are more on our sides than one of us on our back, but it works better this way for us. Both are in a position which can be held for a long time without any discomfort and it means that we can indulge in pleasure whilst also conserving energy for the more energetic activities should we so wish.  As a primer it works, but over time it has also become a thing itself. Prior to D/s, it quickly became just what we did. Lovingly named the suck and fuck, the advent of D/s and the acquisition of the wand, has renamed it the suck, fuck and buzz.

F4TFriday #69 – Sixty Nine

sixty nine #F4TFriday
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  1. This was such an interesting read, in part because I feel the exact opposite about pretty much everything you said, lol. This is what I love about visiting other blogs, the variety between us all is awesome. Also got to love the cartoon you including *giggles*

  2. I think I’m somewhere between you and Floss on this (now there’s an image ?). In a previous relationship, it was something we did quite a lot. The woman in question used to like to suck me to the brink of orgasm, then have me unload over her boobs. She would proceed to rub it into her skin as I continued to lick her out and the resulting climax on her part was always pretty spectacular.

    Nowadays I’m a bit more “Meh!” It can be fun, but as I mentioned in my own post, I find having to concentrate on someone else while they are trying to concentrate on me can actually detract from the pleasure I derive both from giving and receiving.

    Each to their own, as they say… 😉

    • The concentration thing is interesting as HL is the same. He likes the receiving part but rarely comes, using it more as foreplay for himself. For me to have him in my mouth and choke on him as I build to climax really adds to it so it works for us. In other relationships it has been more something to be endured rather than relished. ?

  3. It’s never been a position I enjoy. I think I find it distracting as well. I’d much rather give and fully enjoy that. But I enjoyed your photo and perspective!

    • Thank you. I am happy giving in isolation but receiving feels awkward for me. It better to have him to focus on as I get lost more easily. ?

  4. Interesting reading the comments. We used to enjoy it more but the last couple of years neither one of us enjoys it. I get so wrapped up in what I am doing and enjoying every lick and suck that I forget there are other things happening. Glad to hear we are not alone with earlier in our lives or the now

  5. We like to use the 69 position occasionally, but it isn’t a staple. I like the duality of it, but HD usually has me on top and I get muscle cramps, which lessens my focus.

    • Awww. Now I wish my boobs were big enough to get in the way! I’m not sure what I do is if top quality but I know I suck harder the closer to orgasm I get ?

  6. I think, whilst I really enjoy 69, I also find it harder to concentrate on what I’m doing and feeling whilst sucking and playing with him as he does the same to me and that can become frustratingly distracting, which can be intense in itself in a way I guess. I find it easier to just be lost in him or lost in what he’s doing to me, but it’s always really interesting to read what works for others.

    • I think that from reading the
      Comments that seems to be a common theme. I like to get lost in him as a thing in itself but it doesn’t work well when he focuses just on me. I find it hard to let go like that so being able to suck him at the same tome works for us. I agree that it is interesting to see what different people think and I was actually surprised that we were in the monitory ?

  7. We do 69 occasionally but I prefer to do the licking. When my Queen wants to suck, she doesn’t usually want me to be licking her. She wants to be able to focus and is getting hornier as she plays with Angus.

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