His Pet

His Pet

He tapped her lightly on the bottom, indicating that she should move around the room. She worried that she looked ungainly and had been working to perfect her crawl to a smooth feline movement which would earn her his attention. She wanted more than ever for him to be proud of her, to desire her and to use her.  She knew that he had others before who had not matched his requirements and she burned to be different. She moved slowly, in fluid movements which allowed her hips to sway gently as she traversed the room.

They were sat in chairs, talking about the sorts of things men talk about after dinner. It was no concern of hers and she was glad not to have to worry about such things. Everything she was became focussed and concentrated into this moment and into being his. She had not always felt this way of course. When she first arrived she had been horrified at the objectification of the women here but slowly she had come around as he showed her what was inside her and her body fought with her mind a battle she could never have anticipated.

It seemed a long time ago now, and here she was, naked and adorned with kitty ears and tail, a simple pet as any other, desperate to keep her Master happy. The men would indicate if they wished to pet her as she moved around the room. They could stroke her and touch her as long as they stayed within the boundaries common for such a pet as she. She was his and they knew better than to push that, lovely as she was.

And as she moved, the plug which nestled deep inside her made her moisten and heat. As they stroked and petted her, she ached for something more and she worked to  push it aside, lest it was noticed. He wanted to show her, for others to want and long for her but he would never share more of her with them than that. At least not for the moment. Perhaps at some point he would feel that she was ready but for now he taught the loyalty of the dog with the grace of the cat.

She was shocked that she could consider the idea these days. If it was what he chose, she saw it as still being his, still being part of what he was, so it was something that she knew she would do if instructed. Being his kitty was simply that, and as her owner he would decide what was right and timely. As she circled the room she heard him ask what they thought of his pet and she heard the deep sounds of his approval as the men answered him.

After a time he signalled for her to climb onto his lap where she stretched for him as he touched her. She knew she was wet before he slipped his fingers so easily inside her, tucking them up under her tail and out of the view of prying eyes. He nudged her towards him with the weight of his hand and she curled and purred with her sounds of pleasure as he continued to reward her. The conversation carried on amongst the men and they barely stopped as she shuddered out her orgasm with a little cry which could have been easily mistaken for a miaow.


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  1. The whole pet play/kitty thing is totally not my kink but I know elements of it work for Cara and so I wrote my little piece today really inspired by her and your post, although not my kink, is a beautiful sensual piece of writing and I loved the last paragraph were she ends up in his lap and he plays with her in front of everyone


    • Thank you. I don’t really do the pet play as such either but aspects of humiliation and objectification can really turn me on. I must go to your post ?

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