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September Review

Well September has not been the month that I thought it would be at all. I find myself here writing my September review and feeling like I have not really done the month justice at all in terms of blogging.  I have ended up managing health issues, personal issues and technical issues which have all left me feeling like time has slipped past me somehow. The last week in particular has not gone according to plan and I have not been able to interact as much as I would have liked.

Saying that, as I sit here looking out at the changing colours of the landscape, I feel positive about the month ahead. I always love this time of year as the seasons turn. I love the colours, the crisp freshness of the air around me and the way that my nose gets cold and makes me feel that I want to get cosy inside. Things have always happened to me in October and it feels a but like a month of opportunity so fingers crossed that things be travelling a bit more in the direction I would like them to.

In terms of writing I have enjoyed this month, I wanted to highlight the post Hate Fuck by The Joy As It Flies. In this fictional story she explores an emotionally masochistic relationship which I found myself totally drawn into. Please be aware that it comes with a content warning but I felt that, although disturbing, it was a brilliant piece of writing.

Another fictional story I read which made me feel slightly uncomfortable about the relationship whilst at the same time being totally drawn into the story line was Barefoot and Bitless by May More. One thing I really love about the sex blogging community is the willingness to write about subjects which are often taboo and are swept under the carpet. The way that May creates her character means that you can relate to the situation and what she loves and well as what she hates about it.

In a completely different vain, the piece Bitch by The Other Livvy also really made me think. This is a post which she said was in her drafts for over a year and I am so glad that she decided to finish it and to highlight an issue faced by many women in terms of the perception of them within a work environment. Her post examines professional conflict and in particular how difficult she finds it as a woman, which is a topic that I can relate to on a lot of levels.

I have continued to be involved in Molly’s Sinful Sunday project and last week was lucky enough to be invited to do the roundup. Being part of this has been so beneficial to me in a number of ways and I was delighted to be asked to do the selection. I don’t know a lot about photography on a technical level but have been able to learn a little more through participating. I love looking at and being inspired by all the great images each week and one which really stood out for me this month was In the Shadows by Krystal Minx

New to WordPress over the last few weeks are a D/s couple who we have got to know through our chat site. Purple Sole and Little Gem had written a post for The SafeworD/s Club on Puppy Play, before setting up their own blog Purple’s Gem. Gem is a writer of fiction and in addition they both write about their experiences in a D/s marriage, so I would encourage you to click on the link and have a read.

My final recommendation is a double whammy. Posy Churchgate is someone I got to meet at Eroticon last year and a person who is really committed to sharing writing within this community. She publishes an SoSS post each week with a host of great links and also includes an interview with someone from the blogging world. I was lucky enough to be featured back in March March, but this week she shares an interview with HisLordship so I wanted to give that a bit of a shout out too.

Hopefully the fact that you are reading this means that my website is back up online and back in business. So I wish you all happy last few days of September and great things (kinky or otherwise) for October.

missy 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the shout out missy – sorry you’ve had technical problems. Thank you for the mention and you’ve highlighted a piece or two I would have otherwise overlooked.

    • You are welcome Posy. I don’t know how you manage to produce your SoSS and interview every week but hats off to you 🙂

  2. So glad to have you back! The guidance and support (and acceptance) I get from your posts is priceless. There are so many times your posts remind me of myself! Hope October is a great one for you!!

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