He has been forcing the orgasms from me for so long I have long lost count. I am so far past myself that I am no longer aware of what I am doing. I can hear the noises I am making but it is as if they are coming from someone else.

My body feels alight, so hot, so sensitive it is almost painful. The intensity is nearly unbearable and I hear the laughter in his voice as he says,
“Oh I think there are a few more of those in there yet.”

I plead with him, beg him, but he keeps the wand right where it is. He pinches my nipples, twice, and asks if I really want him to stop. If that is really what I mean.

“Yes!” I cry out, the word pouring from me like lava.
And I mean it. I need him to stop or I don’t know what will happen to me.

“Well you know what you have to do then.”
“Say it. Say it if you want me to stop.”

And I moan. I moan over and over and I fight against the ties that hold my body where it is, but I don’t speak. I won’t speak.

I am suspended in my torture and while I can’t agree to more, neither can I end it. I want to live here forever, to drown in this feeling and never have to be anywhere else ever again.

My body is throbbing and sparkling and I am alive with the need for him. I can’t touch him but I am focussed on his smell and his movements. I become the sound of his breath as it catches now and then, and the tilt of his head as he loses himself in the moment.

He moves closer and I strain to reach him. I would do anything, touch any part of him, drink him in just to quell this thirst.

And then he offers me his cock.
“You want this don’t you?”

I am shaking with desperation to have him in my mouth.

Slowly, slowly he feeds himself to me, first just the tip which he brushes across my lips and then he lets me have more, releasing himself gradually into me.

And I suck him frantically into my body as if I haven’t consumed anything for weeks. I don’t even taste him properly as I take him as deep into me as I can.

“You greedy, greedy girl!” I hear him taunt.
“You are so desperate. You are fucking choking on me you need me so bad.”

And I know that it is true but I don’t care. I don’t care about anything apart from this. This is all that I am.


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  1. Fantastic and raw expression of that delicious headspace where you just want to consume and be consumed all at once, and to hell with everything else…very erotic!

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