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I think it is very hard to be naked in a scene and not be upstaged by your nipples.  Susan Sarandon

This week’s picture is HisLordship’s choice. I have an uneasy relationship with my nipples and so this image is very hard for me to post. I have posted pictures showing my nipples before, but this one is much more difficult for me due to the angle and the fact that the nipple is the focus. I have written a post previously about nipple play and how HL was able to transform that for me into something positive, so I have got over some of my psychological barriers but in terms of looking at them or showing them it is still a challenge and I don’t like to touch them myself.

My nipples were one of the parts of me to be most altered by having children and I think I have never really accepted that change. I want to make excuses for them rather than accepting that they are part of me and embracing them as such. However, I did start Sinful Sunday as a way of pushing myself and challenging some of my issues around body image so I have no excuse not to hit publish under the guise of growth! Inside I will curl and twist knowing that people can see them (well one of them) and will feel embarrassment that we have dressed it up as something supposedly sexy. I will worry what you all think, even though rationally I know that it is just another nipple pic to most.

Sinful Sunday


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  1. Lady …. that’s a pretty nipple ? I don’t speak as an expert you understand but I’ve seen a few in my time as I’ve helped many girlfriends get new bra’s … so I can say, with some confidence, that yours is pretty sexy ?❤️

  2. Your nipples are really beautiful and they actually remind me of my own… prominent and zones of pleasure. Don’t feel self-conscious about yours. Really, they are beautiful!
    Rebel xox

  3. I am a bit envious…my nipples don’t do that at all, and HD really wants to be able to play with them more. I would say to enjoy your nipples, but I understand how hard it can be to just do it. *hug*

  4. I quite like the angle you used. As to your feelings, I totally get having bad feelings toward something you feel had changed. I will say, I think your nipple is lovely. Made for a nibble or a suck. ?

  5. My kids changed my tits too but for me I have always been happy with the changes. Before I had them my nipples were mostly flat but breast feeding bought them out of their shell, so to speak, and I love them. I love how they feel and the way they look. They are one of the happy physical changes that my kids left me with.
    As for yours, I think they are beautiful. I wish mine stood out even more, I think nipples like that are so fucking sexy.

    • Thank you. I think it was seeing them be drawn up the pump day after day and then noticing that they never went back. I hope I will learn to love them though ❤️

  6. One nipple is an innie! And my areola looks massive, but it’s not the areola that’s big, I just have discolouration. And because I’m not “white”, they colour is brown… i feel like my nipples look dirty. And my nipples are huge I’m ratio to the size of my breasts. Having kids really made them sag…. I’m like 14B… I have the proportions of a French woman, which is petite and blockish, I dont have pretty curves.
    Omg I’m sorry if this seems like a comment all about negativity! But it’s not… its realistic. And with all of these “flaws”, by husband thinks they’re so beautiful! He’s the one who compared my proportions to a French woman. And arent we lucky to have men who see us, and not our flaws?

    • Yes we are. A lot of it has been about trying to see myself as he sees me but it has helped forcing myself to post things too as that challenges some of the irrational thoughts. I am sure that you are beautiful to others as well as to your husband ?

  7. You are beautiful, and this sparkles in more ways than one! My nipples, and boobs, never went ‘back’ either after the kids, thus beckons a lifetime of T-shirt bras so as not to poke out any eyes lol. Except when we want to right? ? Consider it a win win for nipple versatility ?

  8. I am glad your partner is helping you to a place of accepting and even enjoying your nipples… for what it’s worth, I think it’s beautiful. I can certainly understand not loving a part of your body that has changed through something beyond your control, though. I have felt that myself. But remember, when you are feeling negative, you aren’t only what you see in yourself – it helps to try to see yourself through your partner’s eyes.

  9. Definitely NOT just another nipple pic! And if you’re embarrassed by anything, it should be the way this image will inspire appropriately equipped viewers, myself included, to grow too.
    You might have post-natal nip issues, but I’ll wager yours would be fun to play with. Enjoy them!

  10. I am very happy your OH is encouraging you in liking your body more.
    This is an amazing image of a stunningly beautiful nipple!

  11. When I saw this image on Twitter I loved it, but purely because it was so pretty, red and sparkly, now I’ve had a chance to read your post I love it even more. I honestly think you have delightful nipples. Mine are not dissimilar. Always out and proud, they always look erect and aroused and ready for action.
    That said I also understand having not so good feels about them. I love my nipples in terms of how nature made them, but I foolishly (foolish for me, not that the decision is foolish for everyone) got them pierced many moons ago and they responded very poorly and I now have scars which I hate. But I do know I’m probably the only person in world who feels that way, and I suspect you are the only person who sees the negatives sides of yours. They are beautiful and hope all the love you will receive from sharing this image helps you to love them a little bit more.
    Also, they changed because you grew tiny humans. That in itself is amazing.

    • Yes you are right and I really appreciate your comment. I did her more respect for my body through pregnancy and feeding etc but I also felt a bit ashamed of the way it looked. It has been strange. Publishing pictures of the parts I am not comfortable with is part of coming to terms with it I think and trying to be more positive about my body. Thank you Floss ?

  12. I love that you posted this as I know how much sinful Sunday has helped me with my own body confidence. It is a stunning shot so I can see why they chose it for you to post. It’s strange as I hate my nipples for the complete opposite reason. They’re so flat I can’t do anything with them. I especially found it frustrating for my macro photo as it felt like my boob didn’t even look like one without the pointed nipple.
    Aurora x

    • We need to do a switch for a happy medium lol. Thank you for your comment and for your encouragement. Sinful Sunday has been so helpful to me too. Seeing other people accepting themselves and getting feedback on the images makes all the difference ?

  13. Wow. Amazing image and frankly an amazing nipple. So much so I can’t think of anything to write as I keep scrolling up to have another look.
    You should be very proud… Just like your nip. 🙂

  14. That’s one damn fine-looking nipple! I used to have a difficult relationship with mine too, but have learned to love them over the years. I hope you reach a happy acceptance of yours, they truly are nipples to be proud of!

  15. Wonderfully lovely post . . . and totally agree when you say that Sinful helps us push and challenge ourselves around our body issues.
    Such lovely, and important words . . . and such a lovely photo.
    So glad you chose to “hit publish” .
    Wonderful !!!
    Xxx – K

  16. Well I have nipple envy! Mine are small and there’s not much you can do with them but I don’t have children which I’m sure would’ve changed them.
    Yours are beautiful, I know we can’t always see beauty in ourselves but I’m glad you have a partner who encourages that learning curve.

  17. Lovely to read all the warm and supportive comments above, I can’t add much more except to say I enjoyed reading your words and seeing the wonderful image of your nipple. x

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