Missy’s SoSS – August #5

Every since attending Eroticon and hearing about SoSS, I have wanted to do my bit for such an amazing community by highlighting the work of others. I have written SoSS posts when I could but have fallen way short of my original idea of posting every week. During term time I get so busy with work that I struggle to find the time to write as much as I would like and read as much as I would like. The summer holidays saw me able to really enjoy the things that I love and I was so much more active in the blogging world than I can be other times.

One blogger who I really admire is May More. She has a fantastic blog where she writes erotic fiction as well as some really interesting sex related non-fiction posts; she also posts some incredible Sinful Sunday pictures. May is brilliant at highlighting the work of others through her Twitter and also through her monthly SoSS review posts. So I hope that she doesn’t mind if I aspire to be more like her and try to keep my own SoSS as a bit of a monthly review of the things that I have read.

During July and August I was taking part regularly in @storyin12 which is a daily writing prompt on Twitter, run by @Mollysdailykiss and @Wriggly_Kitty, where you write a story in only 12 words. If you are on Twitter, like writing, and don’t already take part then I would highly recommend it. Cara Thereon, another blogger whose work I love, has used the prompt to produce flash fiction. Cara is really talented and her stories are varied which made it hard to choose just one to link here. Instead I have included a link to her flash fiction so hopefully you will be able to read a couple and see what you think.

Catfishing seems to have been a topic which has been discussed quite a bit over a range of mediums this past while. The post Is this real life? Is this just fantasy? by The Misadventures of Bear and cub raised some really interesting questions, not just about catfishing and why people do it, but also about those who create fictitious lives and project them as reality, duping others into thinking that they have some expertise and personal experience.

Since taking part in Sinful Sunday, I have become more interested in the pictures that people post on their blogs. One of my favourites this month was Pinstripes by Maria Opens Up. This image just really caught my attention and drew me in, combining what is sensual and sexy. Another blog with amazing photography is submiss34f by my namesake, Missy. She posts some incredible pictures and I am really loving her A-Z Images.

I write quite often about the fact that looking back is helpful for me. Reflection allows me to grow and make progress as a person and as a submissive. It is also something that we use as a couple, both when blogging and when reviewing things together. So I thought that it would be good to look back at things I had written previously. In case you have not seen them before, the following are some of my favourite August posts:
“What’s on, honey?”
Patience and Sub-frenzy
D/s with kids
Missy's #SoSS

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    • It is something that came first from Girl on the Net who suggested the ‘Share Our Shit Saturday’ concept to try to counter social media channels making things hard for people posting adult related content. It is a way of making sure that the various voices are heard despite shadow banning etc.

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