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In my last #SoSS post I said that while posting every week is unrealistic for me, I would try to share other sites and posts whenever I could.  And here I am, quite a few weeks later, only just getting another one out. If I can’t do better in the holidays then I am not sure how well I will do during term time so I think that perhaps if I make this a monthly thing then I might just be able to keep up.

Most of the blogs I read are about real life D/s relationships and the posts that I am drawn to most are the ones that I can relate to myself. I am always looking to learn or grow from what I read and loved both of these posts,  True Stripes and Boxed In by Molly’s Daily Kiss for that reason. I know that many of you will already follow her blog and therefore have read these posts, but she is a blogger who does so much for the community, as well as being really supportive to me on a personal level, so I also wanted to acknowledge that and say thank you.

Another blogger who I completely relate to is Wild West Angel. Often she writes things that I feel could have been written by me and wonder how she managed to get inside my head. In Paradox and Lessons she describes her journey into a more open marriage and what I really enjoyed and found helpful was they way that she and Mr HH approached it and planned and prepared. I am not sure that this is a direction that our relationship would ever take, but she has helped to take away some of the anxieties that I would have about trying such a thing if the circumstances were right.

My acknowledgement and thanks also goes to Winnie and Lars who have been hosting topic chats at The SafeworD/s Club at Eastern time for a while now. Not only have they run chats, they have also been producing material for the blog so we are really grateful to them. They have their own blog, Married and Owned, which has some really good content about D/s and about DD/lg. Keeping on the theme of being real, in kissing the frog we are reminded by Winnie that sometimes life is not always a fairy tale, but you have to do what you can to make it what you want.

The final blog I wanted to highlight is Alpha and Kat. I have followed their blog since coming to WordPress and have always found them to be down to earth and sincere in what they post. Over the course of the past few years, I have got to know them better and appreciate the insight they offer, both through their posts and their comments. They write fiction as well as writing about aspects of D/s so their site is a mixture of creativity and personal experience. Their recent post, A Word of Warning, generated quite a bit of discussion as it reminds us that there can be dangers involved when starting out in this type of dynamic.

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  1. Aww Missy we are so happy to be included in The SWC, and love the friendship we have forged with you and HL. Thanks for the link!

  2. I love that you think I have something valuable to offer. Thank you. Just added the others to my reading list. Any recommendation by you means I’ll like it. (Think alikes)

    • Awww thank you. And you definitely do. I know lots of other people who feel the same. We recommend you on the SWC too. YOU MAKE SENSE ?

  3. We thank you for the kind words and link. And, as we’ve mentioned before, your blog has been one of our favorites for a long time. And the number one reason is because of your sincerity. — AJT

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