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All about the Uniform

The first few times HL and I got a chance to be together properly, he was dressed in an army uniform. I didn’t ever think that I had a thing for men in uniforms but I do look back at those times with fondness and a twitch you know where. He is quite a big man which I liked as it made me feel small and sexy but his uniform gave him a sense of presence and power too. I used to enjoy undressing him and peeling away the layers to reveal the man below the disguise, at least that is how it felt.

Of course it was always disappointing when he had to put it all back on again but at the same time it felt good, as if I was the only one who really knew what lay below. Although the uniform provided a physical layer to hide his body it was also part of the person that he was in public and I was privy to the private him which was shared with no one else. I guess it added to the slightly clandestine feel of our meetings during that initial stage and although at the time we wished things were different, there was an excitement about it which still turns me on when I replay those memories in my mind.

He has worn various uniforms at different points during his career, but most of that was before our time together. The suit he wore for work always felt like a bit of a uniform to me though. I have a thing about a man in a smart suit and HL is one for neat creases and well polished shoes so I was never disappointed in that department. The sight of him dressed like that will always trigger a response and I can imagine the way that he smells long before I am close. That combination of his natural scent, mixed with his aftershave and the smell of the freshly laundered cotton of his shirt as my face presses against it, can be quite intoxicating. It smells like home.

We have also used uniforms as a part of play. I posted in School’s Out a picture in my school uniform and that is something that we have had fun with. Sometimes he will request that I put it on just for a spanking and others we will venture into a full blown Schoolgirl Scene. Using props like this can really help us to get into the flow and to create the right mindset. HL also went full out with a ‘Doctor’s uniform’ consisting of white coat, stethoscope and a variety of other ‘instruments’ for the medical scenes that we do.

Because we both like roleplay and also like dressing up, I can see us experimenting with other styles and types of uniform going forwards. HisLordship explored a regimental officers dress uniform for an event we were attending a while back and although he didn’t go ahead (he is a stickler for accuracy so it had to be the real thing) I can see that being revisited at some point. He is also interested in history so it could be that a uniform is worked in with something of that sort.

It is more tricky for me as lots of uniforms tend to give off a feeling of power so it is less well suited to the submissive way that I behave. However, I think that there are certainly some, such as a nurse’s uniform, which would lend themselves well to the dynamic we have. We also quite like primal play so I can imagine an opportunity for me donning a certain uniform only to have it, and the power that comes with it, stripped from me in a different turn of events too. Here’s hoping…….

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  1. Love this. The pic looks like something from a magazine. Also love when Lars is in His uniform- even back when He worked a blue collar job, His uniform turned me on. Something about Him coming home and the first thing we did was tear it off… Those were the days.

  2. I used to wear school uniforms and later in life I was very proud of wearing my army uniform. And, I absolutely love a man in uniform, especially military!
    But a man in a suit is quite attractive too 😉
    Rebel xox

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