Uncomfotable humiliating experience for character

Big City

“I don’t want to.”
“I know babe. I know it is hard for you which is why it matters to me that you do this. If it were easy then what would be the point? Try them on.” Slowly, reluctantly, she slipped her jeans down. The temperature had dropped outside but inside the shop, the changing room felt far too warm. She brushed the piece of hair which trailed across her face away with annoyance. She felt so uncomfortable. This was not sexy. This was not what she wanted. When he said he was taking her into the city she had been excited. Now this. The room started to swim a bit and her muscles tensed around the plug.

She tried not to think about the fact that the two girls must know about the alterations to the jeans they had handed him when they arrived. What had he said? What did they think? Perhaps he had dealt with someone else and they knew nothing about it. Wishful thinking. She was sure that it wasn’t usual practice to go into the changing room together either. The cubicles were roomy enough but she doubted that most couples did this. What was she thinking? Of course they didn’t. She was indulging herself now.

The heat continued to grow, creeping up her body, colouring her face and making her muscles tense again. Could she hear them whispering and sniggering? Her discomfort channelled her emotions. She felt indignant. Petulant even. The initial shock and the humiliation had created a level of surprised compliance but that was starting to shift. Surely this couldn’t be happening? How far would he take this?
“Hurry up.”
He held the jeans out towards her. She wriggled into them and did them up.
“There,” she snapped. “Happy now?”

She knew she shouldn’t push him, but as she clung onto the last of herself in desperation it tumbled out without conscious thought. The attitude was her final futile defence against what was going to happen and although she accepted the inevitability, she fought it still. Human nature was strange and despite everything you could never really alter the programming or the default that you had been set with.
“Very nice. Turn around and bend over.”
Her mouth turned up at the corners in an embarrassed smile and her face screwed up a little at her shame. She turned but didn’t bend. He came up behind her and pressed close against her. She was so hot now and her whole body felt as if it was burning up. She didn’t move. He stepped back, one arm still around her, and there was a loud crack as he spanked her firmly on the arse.

Her head swam as she vaguely wondered what had been heard beyond the curtain which separated them from the shop girls but she bent forward without resisting. Her insides curled and moved as she felt him open the slit in the jeans. His fingers pressed against the skin around the plug as he screwed the tail into it. She throbbed and ached for him, her body betraying her. He pulled her back up to standing and turned her towards him, kissing her harshly on the lips. He nipped her lower lip as he released her.
“Good girl.”

Friday Flash No. 18 — Big City


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  1. I love this! There’s something to me that is super erotic about subtle sexy play like this. I would LOVE this.

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