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One of the best things about sleeping with someone, apart from falling asleep with them, is the intimacy of waking up with them. I love the initial stirring, the feeling that it is just you and that they are a part of what you have and what you are. The way that you drift in and out of sleep for a little longer, sort of playing with wakefulness and sharing it between you in those less lucid moments, only just aware of the other.

I love the feeling that time is yours to do with as you wish. To wake, to watch, to touch, to move or to stay still. The opportunities in a house still asleep. The thoughts for the day which slowly land upon you as life takes its hold. And those moments of spontaneity when you are the ruler of your world and can do anything, manage time as you choose, even just for a second. And so you choose him, always: to watch, or to touch, but to engage and let what will be, be.

After waking and choosing the course, one becomes two. As it is. Those times are precious for us too. Our time. There are the things we must do of course, but we also are masters of our own destiny and can choose not to be ruled by the must be’s of the day. And so the togetherness is positioned unconsciously in the centre and our day begins. Today was a choice. My choice. A picture. Stepping quickly and quietly to the mirror to capture the moment. I don’t have long. A click, then another, then two more and things are set in motion, slowly uncurling as our day begins.

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  1. This is a truly beautiful post. Your words illustrate us and our mornings perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing this intimate time with all of us.

  2. Youre so romantic lol. i love those moments- they are rare for me as i sleep like the dead and Lars usually wakes before me. i love curling into Him when i wake, admiring His glittery blond stubble and forcing myself not to pepper Him with kisses so He can sleep a little longer. Makes me feel cozy. Thanks for writing. ?

  3. Such a great image. At first I only saw you (which was very nice indeed), then I saw you had company and read your writing at it was even better. Myself and Bakji only have sleepovers once or twice a week, so sleeping and waking together is so precious, and I absolutely identified with how you described it x

    • Thank you Floss. I think when you are together all the time that you can take it for granted so I can understand how much you value those two nights ?

  4. You are right about the intimacy of those moments. There is also something very special about watching your Dom sleep. In those moments he is almost vulnerable and there is something about that which I find very erotic

  5. Beautifully intimate shot, the depth of field and strong border shadow perfectly illumination you both, I love those quiet morning moments too, wonderful xx

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